Bey and Jay Squash Divorce Rumours

Bey and Jay Squash Divorce Rumours

Our favourite celebrity couple was rumoured to be heading to Splitsville after allegations of Jay Z’s infidelity arose. Especially  after Beyonce’s +1 (Solange), attacked Jay in the elevator. When we heard the news, our hearts actually broke a little. If there is no hope for the perfect power couple, will there be hope for us?

Rumor has it that Jay and Bey are back on track. Besides Queen Bey’s emotional performance at the VMA’s where Jay and Blue Ivy joined her in a tear-jerking family moment, the couple has been on the radar. They have been squashing allegations of their split in the most classy ways possible. By using pictures worth 1000 words and public actions, the couple look to still be in it for life. You’ve got to admit, Jayonce squashes rumours better than you.

Bey and Jay Renewed Their Vows

Bey and Jay Squash Divorce Rumours

Apparently on Beyonce’s birthday, her and Jay Z had a very intimate renewal ceremony. With Beyonce’s mom Tina, Blue Ivy, and some close friends, the two recommitted themselves to each other in Corsica, France. After the couple celebrated by yachting around Italy. How casual and romantic. Apparently the couple intends to use the recommitment date as their anniversary instead of their old April 4 wedding day.

Baby Number 2

Bey and Jay Squash Divorce Rumours

It looks like Blue Ivy is about to have a little sibling to share the luckiest child alive award. Queen Bey may be preggos again.

Friday on the final stop of their tour, Jay changed up a small part of his song “Beach is Better”. Instead of saying “I replace it with another one,” he slipped “She’s pregnant with another one.” Jay are you messing with us? We hope not.

Apparently Beyonce has also been covering up that fierce body lately. On Tuesday when going out for dinner in France, Beyonce was seen covering herself with a purse. Positively glowing and looking like a goddess in her patterned cocktail dress, Bey played with our emotions by avoiding the camera. Hiding that bump Beyonce? Hmmm….

The Album to End All Albums

Bey and Jay Squash Divorce Rumours

It has been confirmed by several sources that the biggest couple in the game has a joint album in the works. That’s a lot of time together. This news was released a couple days after the finale of their lucrative “On The Run” Tour. Last December, Yonce gave millions of fans heart attacks as she dropped a full record complete with videos overnight. With her man by her side, who knows  what’s in store.

New Home in L.A.

Bey and Jay Squash Divorce Rumours

The couple has reportedly been looking into an estate in Beverly Hills. After spending a summer in Hombly Hills, it looks like Beyonce got accustomed to the California lifestyle. The place they are apparently looking at is a 23,000 square foot cliffside property. The new digs includes an infinity pool, wine cellar, a candy room and a movie theatre. With views casually overlooking Malibu and L.A., the home is worth a cool $85 mil.  I doubt Bey and Jay would be investing this much money in a home if they were planning to split.


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