What Happens If Your BFF Likes the Same Guy as You?

So you’re in this awkward predicament of liking the same guy as your bff. Do you pursue it? Do you let it go? Are you even sure she likes him the way you think she does? She seems to be pulling moves on him and you can’t help but cringe a little. There are multiple scenarios that can happen when your bff likes the same guy as you. Let’s go through some of them together.

Scenario One

Your BFF Likes the Same Guy as You

In this scenario, you talk to your friend. You straight up ask them if they like so-and-so. If they say no, they are probably in denial because you can see the way she flirts with him. If she says yes, tell her you like him too. If she really is a good friend, she will not be offended, you guys clearly have the same taste in men. However, no guy is ever worth ruining a friendship over so you both let it go and stay friends forever.

Scenario Two

Your BFF Likes the Same Guy as You

She doesn’t tell you to back off but you decide that you’re going to take the higher road and let her have this one. Maybe she hasn’t been in a relationship in a while. Maybe she just needs this one. Maybe you value your friendship with her more. You want to see if it will work out for her and if it does, great. If not, you can laugh at how terrible it went.

Scenario Three

Your BFF Likes the Same Guy as You

She continues to deny that she likes him so she tells you to go for it. You won’t object. You really want to see if the relationship will go somewhere. Maybe he’s the one! You have blissful dates and see that you were right to pursue the relationship with him but then start to see your BFF less and less. This can only be attributed to the burning jealousy she feels towards you. Your friendship will never be the same.

Scenario Four

Your BFF Likes the Same Guy as You

If both of you like the same guy, why not tell him and let him choose? He will probably be over the moon and his ego will probably be through the roof though so beware. Maybe he doesn’t see your bff as a match. Maybe he does. Maybe he chooses you. Maybe he chooses her. Maybe he already has other girls lined up. Let him deal with it.

Scenario Five

Your BFF Likes the Same Guy as You

You both don’t explicitly tell each other that you like the same guy. But secretly you both have an inkling. You secretly plan casual hang outs with him while she does the same. You guys compete for his attention. This could end up being really bad though. You could not only lose your bff but you might not even get the guy. Avoid this one at all costs. Challenge accepted? No girl, challenge denied.

Scenario Six

Your BFF Likes the Same Guy as You

You end up meeting his bff and find out that’s he’s super cute and funny (and single)! Now you can go on double dates (or not). But hey, everything happens for a reason right? You may have not got the guy you thought you wanted but now you have the one you’re meant to have. The universe works in mysterious ways.

Scenario Seven

Your BFF Likes the Same Guy as You

Your bff really doesn’t like the same guy as you and you’re just a crazy b*tch. She just happens to be around him all the time, laugh at his jokes, and touches him flirtatiously. Regular friends do that sort of stuff. Stop being so paranoid.

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