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Billie Chiasson is a portraiture and fashion photographer who creates unique art that inspires every woman. Her body work photography shows that women are beautiful, no matter their size or shape. She shows women that they are beautiful, regardless of any insecurities they may have about themselves.
[quote_center]I love being able to take somebody who may have issues with their body, or may be self-conscious with their body, and showing them how beautiful they are in actuality, by taking a photograph.[/quote_center]
Billie Chiasson overcame her health struggles by losing almost 100lbs, and tells us her inspiring story of how she achieved such a feat. She lets us in on how her weight loss journey changed her life, as well as inspired to change other people’s lives.

Billie Chiasson
Billie Chiasson

Credits to Chantal Gallant

For more information, check out her editorial here on how to embrace your body image and learn to love yourself.

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