BitterSweet Jewelry’s Cute Bracelets Turn Hair Elastics Into Fashion Accessories

This Cute BracBitterSweet Jewelry's Cute Bracelets Turn Hair Elastics Into Fashion Accessorieselet Turns Hair Elastics Into A Fashion Accessory

Before you even know that you were making a fashion statement, you already were. As soon as your hair was long enough to tie up, a hair elastic was like a best friend that never left your side. Though it gave you no emotional support, when you reached for it and it wasn’t there, you definitely got emotional. Yes, we all know that torture of needing to tie up our hair for something but having nothing to use. And god forbid that you use an elastic band. Because unless you’re prepared to donate some hair back to Mother Nature, elastics are the last kind of torture that you want to impart on those beautiful locks of yours.

BitterSweet Jewelry's Cute Bracelets Turn Hair Elastics Into Fashion Accessories


“The bracelet was sparked out of love and creativity to solve a common problem for women.”

But when you had those hair bands, and didn’t have to use it, after taking it off at the end of the day you were left with a bruise encircling your wrist. It didn’t quite hurt, but it itched a little and left a nasty mark for the next hour. Struggling to cope with the fact that practicality is also an annoyance? Don’t want to look like you’re part of a track team when you’re wearing a ball gown but need to tie your hair up after the 11th drink of the night? BitterSweet Jewelry is the savior of your day.

BitterSweet Jewelry's Cute Bracelets Turn Hair Elastics Into Fashion AccessoriesTurning hair accessories into fashion statements, Shireen Thor (with the help of her husband) created a bracelet with grooves that fit a hair elastic it it. Masking it as a bracelet instead of a hair elastic, not only does the jewelry make for a cute accessory on your wrist, but also prevents the bruising incurred from a tight hair band. Plus, you won’t look like you’re ready to break into a run any second.

“Whenever I would look back at pictures of myself with a hair tie elastic on my wrist I would feel unsophisticated.”

Most of us who aren’t athletes wear hair elastics around our wrists on a daily basis anyways, just in case out of an emergency we need to tie our hair back. Which is extremely helpful, but on times that we don’t, that thin fabric elastic around your wrist just makes you look frumpy and casual. Not put together and elegant. Coming up with a smart solution to a dilemma every woman faces on a daily, Shireen’s jewelry comes in a variety of colors, finishes and materials so that any woman from any walk of life can use it.

Would you turn your hair elastics into a piece of jewelry?

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