Bloggers Live As Sweatshop Workers In Reality TV Show “Sweatshop – Deadly Fashion”

Do you ever stop to think about whether your life is too easy or not? Sometimes a reality check is what we need in order to realize the severity of the situation in poor, struggling countries. Yea, you may say you already know the living conditions of these workers, because you hear about it so often from the media and from school, but do you really know what it’s like to live as one of them? Above is a clip from the show “Sweatshop: Deadly Worker”, and it faces the problem of the gap between the wealthy and the poor.

Three fashion bloggers, from Norway, are sent to experience the truth, when they are brought from the comfort of their stylish livings to a sweatshop in Cambodia for a month. They get to experience first hand what it’s like to live as a sweatshop worker.

On their first day, they are shocked to see the living conditions of these workers, but they’re not as understanding. They think that “Hey, at least they have jobs!”. As the show progresses, they get to talk to some of the workers, and they find out how unhappy they are with what they have. They were shocked to see that a $35 blouse from Mango was more than the whole month’s rent for the workers.

The 3 fashion bloggers then are made to work in a textile factory, earning the same wage as the workers do, being forced to cook meals for the camera crew for less than $9, and living in accommodations the size of their washrooms (at home). Some of them break down and truly understand the price of what they’re paying for.

It’s a harsh reality for most people in first world countries, because we’re not oblivious, but just numb to the idea that a lot of people are starving for us to afford trendy clothes.

These episodes are 15 minutes long each, so if you have time, you should check them out here.

What do you think of the show? Has it made you more empathetic?

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