Boob Twerk: The Downhill of Pop Culture

Just when we thought the twerking phenomenon was about to die down, out comes this video here. A pretty lady “dancing” to one of Mozart’s classical masterpieces. This is society’s first glimpse to what we now know as the boob twerk, which is what exactly?

It’s another way pop culture is making women feel cheap.

Urban Dictionary defines the boob twerk as working one’s upper breasts in a calm, seductive manner with intent to cause sexual arousal…


Our thoughts exactly. I’m sure Sara X, star of the video, simply wanted to show off a talent 90% of the female population probably isn’t humanly capable of and that’s great but the issue lies in the imitation that will most likely follow because of how much attention she has garnered.

The problem with twerking and booty extreme videos such as Anaconda and Booty screws with the already troubling body issues young women deal with. The media pushes too much crap out that we no longer know what’s what anymore (one minute selfie anyone?). This is how the “Butt selfie” and Kim Kardashian are getting mega famous.

But hey, if you see no problem and want to learn boob twerking for yourself, grab a webcam and get to work:

To ace this new style of twerk, you’ll need to expose your voluptuous breasts by wearing the tiniest triangle bikini you can find. This ensures your assets bounce freely. Next, find a piece of music that is purely instrumental and typically listened to when studying or relaxing. To wrap this all up, make sure you have incredibly toned pecs so that you can bounce each boob one at a time in sync with the music.

BoobtwerkWait…what? How messed up did that sound?

Hopefully the video was an art performance that will get lost among the third boobs and Kindergarten teacher twerking videos. So far the video has garnered over 1 million views in over a day. That’s sex appeal for you and how twisted pop culture has become these days.

Do you think the “boob twerk” will become a thing?

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