Bruno 4 – Tyres 0: Possibly The Worst News Bulletin Ever Aired?

Oh New Zealand news, you never cease to surprise us with your news bulletins.

The video above was seen airing on an actual news channel from New Zealand (3news). It reports on a large Mastiff attacking two cop cars and an animal control vehicle. If you watch the video with sound on, you’ll see what we mean by #wtf. (Even if you don’t, you’ll still be wondering why there are powerpoint-like animations on actual live TV.) You gotta be wondering, how did they convince the director to agree to this? More importantly, how the heck did one dog destroy FOUR tires?

A pretty accurate comment we got from reddit concerning this:

[quote_box_center]I for one am actually glad to see this sort of thing get some airtime. When I was around 8, my family had a male Great Pyrenees.

He was huge, solid white, and completely lovable… unless you were the mailman. He punctured 5 different tires on mail vehicles over the course of his life, and that was while the vehicle was still in motion. To this day, hardly anyone believes me when they hear my dog used to tear tires apart in motion. Now I have a video to at least lend some credibility to the claim.[/quote_box_center]

At least this news bulletin was helpful for at least one person out there. Well, however bad it may be, we still find this news bulletin hilarious and a lot of other people probably do as well. The only sad thing is that poor Bruno never got any of the credit for this video.

Go on 3news, you do you.


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