Burka Avenger’s Jiya Provides A Strong & Independent Role Model For Muslims

Burka Avenger's Jiya Provides A Strong & Independent Role Model For Muslims

Women’s independence has always been a hot topic in the Muslim world. The status quo has always tried to represent women as subsurvient individuals to others and that they shouldn’t speak out in defiance regardless of their situation. To keep the story short: in their world, women don’t have voices – women shouldn’t have voices. But worldwide (well hopefully at least), that isn’t the case. Women everywhere celebrate their voice through the power of feminism and educating others that females deserve the same treatment as males (or anyone else). All of that is about to change in the Muslim world.

Muslim girls will now have a strong and independent female figure to not only look up to, but to strive to become – the Burka Avenger. The superhero protagonist in A Pakistani cartoon fights evil and crime, but the most important detail that separates her from other Western female superheros is her magical burka.

Not only is the Burka Avenger a teacher by day (which in its own right is already a fantastic role model), but Jiya sports a burqa in her spare time to not only fight evils and criminals but gender-specific crimes as well.

Burka Avenger's Jiya Provides A Strong & Independent Role Model For Muslims


The Burka Avenger has been around for quite awhile (since August 2013), but is only making headlines now since its launch on an “edutainment” channel ZeeQ in India. The change in programming has improved the Burka Avenger’s reach and its multi-lingual dubbing (English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu) has also facilitated its distribution to a variety of different languages.

The airing of Burka Avenger is a defining point of history for countries like Afghanistan, India and Pakistan where gender bias is an issue and many girls grow up without a proper role model. Considering the fact that Pakistan came in second last in the World Economnic Forum’s 2014 Global Gender Gap Report that involved 140+ countries, Jiya’s adventures help to engage this generation’s females which will eventually reverse society’s subservient image of women.

Burka Avenger's Jiya Provides A Strong & Independent Role Model For Muslims

We can only hope that Burka Avenger will change society’s view on women in the Eastern countries and that young girls will look up to Jiya as a strong and positive role model for years to come. We’re excited to see what revolutionary changes this generation’s girls will bring, and are proud of the creators of the show.

What do you think of Jiya’s role in women empowerment?

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  1. Hi! I loved your website! I would like to make a slight correction in your article.I am a muslim woman and I have to say this.I am allowed to speak.Speak to all the lengths that I want to.My religion does not restrict women from speaking .However ,as you mentioned there are some islamic countries in which speech of women is prohibited for various causes and branded ‘islam’ falsely.Therefore,it is not the religion ,it is some people who propagate the religion wrongly.I hope you understand:)


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