How To: Camouflage Your Sleepless Nights In 5 Easy Steps

How To: Camouflage Your Sleepless Nights In 5 Easy Steps!

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Have you been having some sleepless nights and not feeling well rested lately? Or for that matter, the night before and the night before that night and the last five years of your life? Obviously you are used to it by now. *Insert giggles here* Seriously, who cares about sleep anyway – there’s always coffee!

The more important question here is: do you look tired? We all know sleep is essential to our well-being however there are some nights where shut-eye is not happening because: the kids have the flu, a sore throat, a tummy ache, an ear ache, nightmares, afraid of the dark, etc. Your alarm goes off at 6 AM and you’re a hot mess: you have bags under your eyes, your hair’s in a knot from all the tossing and turning and your face is covered in pillow wrinkles. Breathe, girlfriends. Stay calm. Just because you had an hour of sleep last night does not mean that you have to show it!

Here’s how to camouflage your sleepless nights in five easy steps, with a little help from the makeup department:


1. Wash Your Hair

How To: Camouflage your Sleepless Nights in 5 Easy Steps!

A freshly washed mane gives us a clean and polished look, takes away from our under eye circles and wakes us up! Condition the tips to achieve shine and silkiness. Also, the shower will invigorate you, and that’s what you need! Opt for a shampoo with citrus in it: grapefruit, lemon, orange or mandarin. Citrus aromas are known to boost our energy levels. Why not give mother nature a try?

2. Moisturize You Face, Darling

How To: Camouflage Your Sleepless Nights In 5 Easy Steps!

A well-moisturized face, even sans makeup, gives us a healthy and awake appearance. Camouflage your one hour of sleep by deeply moisturizing your stressed out skin. Apply cream or oil to your face so that your skin looks fresh, youthful and radiant. Radiance is key. Are you looking for a new product that’s organic? Give Josie Maran cosmetics a try. You will fall in absolute heaven with her line. Also found at Sephora!

Extra: Hydrate from the within – drink two glasses of water before breakfast.

3. Beautiful Brows

How To: Camouflage Your Sleepless Nights In 5 Easy Steps!

A well defined pair of brows gives you an awake, youthful appearance. Choose a brow pencil/shadow which best matches your hair colour or opt for a shade lighter. Groomed brows make a big difference in opening up the face and drawing attention away from the bags under your eyes. Anastasia Beverly Hills has a fantastic line of brow products truly worth splurging on that will camouflage your sleepless nights while enhancing your beauty. Her products are also found at Sephora!

4. Do Blush

How To: Camouflage Your Sleepless Nights In 5 Easy Steps!

Colour on our cheeks brightens up our face, exudes youthfulness and a healthy glow. Go for the peachey or pink tones. They are naturally pleasing to the eye, yet subtle and light. Let me tell you GF, all your friends will naturally assume that you had eight hours of when you go out for brunch with them the next day. This little beauty trick does wonders! Still not convinced? Check out Kim K’s cheeks. *wink*

5. Pucker up, buttercup!

How To: Camouflage Your Sleepless Nights In 5 Easy Steps!

Add a splash of colour to your lips. Either with some lip balm, lip gloss or lipstick. Go for the natural tones for a more natural, every day look. This tip draws attention away from the tired peepers giving us a “Rise & Shine!” presence. We instantly become more approachable, which is absolutely bizarre but it’s how the human brain operates. People, unconsciously, are drawn to the good things in life. Pucker up, GF!

Next time you miss out on some serious Zzzz’s don’t fret. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a touch of colour and some citrus.

Namasté, amiga!

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  1. Thanks for the nice tips. I do not have kids but still have quite a few of the sleepless nights. I also like Josie Maran cosmetic line. The blush is awesome and gives you that fresh and natural look.


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