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Being a designer is a tough gig. People see the big names up in lights and think “Man it would be great to have my designs come to life. They all lead such glamorous lives- with models, money, creative networks, etc”. The reality of this is that it’s not glamorous at all. Sure, they may reap the rewards later in life. Until then, the life of a designer is a struggle upwards. All the nitty gritty details are always backstage behind the curtains, giving you the illusion that everything is perfect and beautiful. From manufacturing to dealing with buyers, that label you see on the clothes you buy at the department store often has a hard sweated story behind it. In sum, it’s tough for young designers to really make it. That being said, we think ideas like pop up shops- that have increasingly become trending- are an amazing way for designers to showcase their work. We are even more gung ho about it when female entrepreneurs (because designers are indeed entrepreneurs) team up together to do it.

Enter: Cara Cheung’s Pop Up, Toronto Canada

Who is Cara Cheung?


Cara Cheung is a Toronto based fashion designer specializing in women’s evening wear and jewelry. The Ryerson University graduate founded her label in 2010 and has since made her debut at World MasterCard Fashion Week. With a design concept that is modern, glamorous and unapologetically bold, her fashion forward pieces have also garnered celebrity attention, dressing the likes of recording artists Keshia Chanté, Nadia Ali and Jenna Andrews as well as eTalk hosts Tanya Kim, Danielle McGimpsie, Citytv’s Mary Kitchen and MuchMusic Vjs Liz Trinnear and Phoebe Dykstra. (via Cheung’s website: cara cheung

Her Pop Up Shop

Cara’s pop up shop is the first retail space where consumers are able to purchase her designs (that of her S/S 2014 collection). We stopped by and were delighted to see that the designer herself was in the store. She is there every moment the pop up shop is open- something we think is great for her business. When consumers are able to meet the designer, they instantly feel more connected to the piece they’re buying cara cheung 8 copy The space’s decor was tailored and curated specifically to the collection and the entire space felt like it spoke to the Cara Cheung brand. The pieces we witnessed on the runways were out on rolling racks for walk-bys to experience. Not to mention, they’re there for you to buy! We couldn’t resist picking up a piece. If you’re anywhere close to Toronto, we suggest you run over and check it out for yourself! In the meantime, take a gander through the gallery walk through!


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