Carb Backloading: Carbs Are Not The Enemy All The Time

Carbs is usually the achilles heel of anyone who feels they have weight problems. Sugar treats, donuts, pizzas, breads, rice and pastas are staples in the diets of every ethnic group. However, they don’t always have to be cut from your diet completely. The Carb backloading diet is a great way to keep carbs in your diet and using them to your advantage.

Carb backloading is a diet plan that has been prevalent since Arnold Schwarzenegger’s prime. The diet works on the premise of the physiological working of the human body. The body regulates hormones at different levels throughout the day (evidence here). Research has shown that insulin sensitivity is significantly higher in the morning compared to later in the day.

Insulin is a hormone produced in your pancreas by beta cells. This hormone notifies the cells of the different parts of the body to prepare for the transport of sugar. It is essential to removing glucose in your blood (which can be dangerous), and troubles regulating insulin is the cause of diabetes.


Essentially, this means that your body is absorbing more glucose in the morning. This can work for and against you. For those that are working out in the morning, this can mean that your body is helping replenish your depleting resources of glycogen (glucose stored in your muscles that are used up during exercise). However, this also means if you are not exercising, you are just storing the glucose as fat.

Thus, many suggest that eating carbohydrates post-workout in the later half of the day will be beneficial in losing weight. By increasing your insulin sensitivity in your muscle cells through physical exercise, the carbs you consume afterwards will be stored in muscle rather than as fat. For the earlier part of the day you want to consume protein and healthy fats, then start downing the carbs in the evening. You can also consume little amounts of healthy carbs (veggies only!) throughout the day to satisfy your hunger. This technique has been seen to be effective to lose weight and maintain muscle, while incorporating your favourite high-carb foods.


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