Catcalling: Why It’s Not a Compliment

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Catcalling seems to be a topic that people are on the fence about. It is a topic that comes up again and again with little to no resolve. We hope that this video has given men an insight into how it is to be a woman that gets catcalled. Many men (and some women even) argue that catcalling is a form of flattery, that women should be grateful that men are acknowledging them or go as far as to say that women enjoy being catcalled at because it boosts their confidence. Although this may be the case for some women, it is certainly not the case for most.

Catcalling can be degrading, uncomfortable and even scary for some women. What seems to be harmless one-liners like “how you doing” from complete strangers can be uncomfortable for most women. For some women, they will brush off the comments, ignore, and walk faster to get away from the harassment. For others it might not be so easy, (especially if the person catcalling decides to follow you). This is when things get scary. While some men are more accepting, others are not. There are some men that will get angry and resort to calling you a bitch or something else that’s completely uncalled for just because you are unwilling to acknowledge them. This is not okay.

We need to stop blaming victims. We need to stop saying “she was asking for it”. The woman in this video did not dress provocatively or do anything to “ask” for this (unwanted) attention. We need to stop accepting it as the norm to catcall women. We need to stop objectifying women. We are humans that crave love and attention but this is not the kind of love and attention we are searching for. To all the men out there, stop catcalling. If you really want to pursue someone, approach them with kindness instead of hollers and whistles. You will be surprised at the positive responses you get when you approach someone with dignity and respect.

If you are still convinced that you need to catcall women, maybe you should watch this video on what you’re actually saying when you’re catcalling.

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