Celebrity Audition Tapes Before They Were Famous

Is there anything better than seeing our fave actors and actresses before they became Hollywood celebs? Nope, nothing. Absolutely Nothing. We came across this hidden gem of our favorite celebrities before they became the Hollywood icons we love today. Can we even imagine these guys before they became big shots? Probably not. But this video reveals decades (literally) of audition tapes that we just can’t get over.

We never really stop to think that the performances we see on television and film are someone’s job. This means celebs have heard the word “no” and have, most likely, been nervous for interviews/auditions. Yes, they are people too. I think we get stuck in a world where we just expect all of this A list, B list, C list etc. to happen naturally. Alas, here’s reality again. In this case, we aren’t complaining that these soon to be loved characters had to go through the process because it means we get to see them before the glitz and glam. That’s right, some of them may have even been regular people.

In the video, we see everything and everyone including Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill’s auditions for Star Wars (circa 1977) which eventually leads to two of the most iconic characters in one of the most epic film series of time. Let’s not forget sweet and innocent Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez’s auditions for the Disney Channel (no, Miley wasn’t always Hannah Montana). Leonardo DiCaprio was just a teenage boy but probably still a heart breaker, and Alyson Hannigan was still in band camp. See how classic on-screen characters such as Wolverine, Precious, and Jesse Pinkman began. One click will take you into a nostalgic playback of your now fave celebs taking on Hollywood, one  silver screen at a time.

Check out the video here:

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  1. They may be famous now and able to get any role they desire, but at one point, celebrities had to read for roles just like everyone else. Watching the audition tape of an actor or actress is usually fun, as you get to see their take on the character before it’s polished and fully realized. Great post! I have also read an article like this here http://www.auditions2015.com/trending/sensational-first-audition-tapes-from-5-famous-actresses/ . Shows some famous actresses audition tapes. Try to check it out.


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