Celebrity Mugshots You’ve Never Seen Before

Celebrities have been known to be a little reckless, it’s not always glitz and glamour for them. There are a fair share of thugs, gangsters, drug addicts and alcoholics among the industry. Here are some celebrity mugshots that really show their ugly side:

1. Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes is our Nickolodean sweetheart gone bad. The pink hair really isn’t a good look for her. ¬†She was charged with a DUI in April 2012, she hit a stopped police car when trying to pass it on the right lane. Not the best mugshot we’ve seen.

2. Chris Tucker


Chris Tucker was charged with reckless driving and attempting to elude the police when he was pulled over speeding in his Bentley. Apparently he was going 109 mph on Interstate 20 when the state troopers clocked him in. Same ol’ Tuck from Rush Hour, good actors live their characters.

3. Lindsay Lohan


This is not Lindsay’s first, or second, or third mugshot of her life. She has been involved with drugs for quite a while now, coming in and out of rehab all the time. She failed a court ordered drug test, which violated her probation.

4. Akon


Akon looked rather spiffy while his mugshot was taken. The R&B singer was brought to jail for endangering the safety of a child. Apparently he threw a 15 year old fan off the stage at Dutchess Stadium.

5. Lil’ Kim


Lil’ Kim was arrested for possession of Marijuana while she was at the Teaneck home of Biggie Smalls. She a real thug though, just look at that mugshot.

6. Jay Z


Our boy Hova is no one to mess with, he wasn’t always the baby-loving daddy he is today. He allegedly stabbed a record executive at a Manhattan nightclub. His charges were reduced to misdemeanor count and was sentenced to three years probation, it’s nice to be rich and famous eh?

7. Carmen Electra


Carmen Electra was arrested by Miami police with battering her husband, former NBA player Dennis Rodman. However, the charges were eventually dropped.

8. Shaun White


USA winter olympics dreams were held in this man, Shaun White. However, he has gotten in trouble before. He was charged with vandalism and public intoxication. He pulled fire alarms at a Nashville hotel, y’know the usual kid stuff. This is not a pretty mugshot though.

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