Click & Go – The Evolution of Online Grocery Shopping

Click & Go - The Evolution of Online Grocery Shopping

Click & Go - The Evolution of Online Grocery Shopping

As evolution goes, everything must move forward – and the convenience of drive-thrus are definitely noticed. The Canadian chain grocery giant Loblaws is looking into introducing a “click-and-collect” method of purchasing with consumers to save both time and money. To put it simply, you’d be ordering your groceries online and then picking it up on the way home from work. A team of personal shoppers would take your “groceries list” and hunting down the products within the store and ready your package for you to pick up.

The US has already seen success in their home-delivery grocery service where consumers would either order their groceries online or over the phone and then have the products delivered to their. The only caveat being the extra cost that’s incurred with home deliveries. Loblaws aims to deliver (no pun intended) the same service for a save in cost.

Click & Go - The Evolution of Online Grocery Shopping

The “click-and-collect” method has already been tried in tested in other countries with much succes. U.K. and France have both introduced this method of grocery shopping and it has gained traction in both countries. The stastical research has shown a 20% margin increase over home-deliveries, although the order sizes have been smaller. Which makes sense, when you’re in a grocery store, you walk in with a list of groceries in mind and end up walking back out with Willy Wonka’s candy factory in tow. When shopping online, consumers are much more conscious with their purchases and tend to only buy what they need – explainin the smaller purchases.

So while all of this seems like good stuff, there’s got to be some cons as well right? We’ve got some worrisome questions to be pondered and are interested in your opinion.

“Are my groceries fresh?”

While grocery stores tend to guarantee fresh groceries, who’s to say that the personal shoppers aren’t mandated by management to pack the older stock into the orders to be picked up? You won’t know unil you take it home and open up the bag.

“How can I tell if something is bruised?”

Realistically you can’t. You won’t have the option to knock on your watermelons, squeeze your tomatos or even break off bruised bananas. You get what you get.

Click & Go - The Evolution of Online Grocery Shopping

“Can I pick a time to pick it up?”

That we’re unsure of. If you place an order at 1PM and can’t pick it up till 7PM after work, will the food be prepared on time? You’ll just have to wait for more information to be released from Loblaws or try it out yourself to find out.

“How does the food stay fresh once it’s been packaged?”

What happens if you order a frozen meal, and some bread, and cheese and a rack of lamb in one day? Do personal shoppers wait till you’re about to pick up the food before gathering it, or does it all get packaged at once and stored in a giant fridge until pick-up? We’re sure that the management has discussed these sort of questions already and are prepared to keep your food as fresh as possible.

Although all of these questions have yet to be answered, there are also some pros to consider as well. Not only will you save time from having to peruse the aisles to pick up your goods, you won’t have to drag your toddler/work bag around the store hunting down items, but you’ll also prevent yourself from buying excess.

Shoppers tend to be more conscious of their buying decisions when shopping online since they’ll see what the total is before cashing out. You also won’t be tempted by all of the merchandised layout of the store when you’re not actually there in person yourself. You know that steadfast rule to not go grocery shopping when you’re hungry because you’ll end up reaching for anything that you crave? Well online shopping will change that for you. Gone are the days of binging on 6 bags of chips just because they’re on sale. Try shopping from just the “produce” category to prevent yourself from seeing all of the alluring sweets and salts.

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