Clothes Choices That Make You Look Old

Clothes That age You

There are items in your wardrobe that you love to wear over and over but did you know certain pieces can make you look outdated and add years to your appearance? If you’re in your twenties, the style world is still your oyster! You may find certain clothes too childish and some less conservative but hey, don’t look like your mother just yet (unless she’s Victoria Beckham). Here are some common items you might want to avoid in the future or style up if you can’t give it up just yet.

1. Tailored jacket

jacketWe’re easing into this nice and slow. A snug fitting jacket gives off the perfect “I’m a professional and well-composed” lady persona. Don’t let it hang off you or else you’ll look like you’re trying too hard to look older. If toped over an ironed dress shirt, you’ll up your age by a few years. This is a positive mature look that might come in handy for an interview, go here for more “woman suit” looks.

2. These New Balance shoes

New BalanceIf you pair this with calf socks, you can kiss that second date goodbye. Nothing screams old-fashioned more than these shoes. Apart from the nurses and caregivers, they should be off limits for someone in their twenties. If your excuse is how comfortable they are, there are plenty of sneakers on the market that cost the same and look like they belong to you. Don’t let the shoes wear you. For more no-no’s on a date, follow this guide.

3. DVF Wrap Dress

DVFYes, this is a look that older women go for when finally heading out for a night on the town. The wrap dress is certainly an iconic piece but makes any young female look middle aged. Diane von Fürstenberg, DVF, designed this ultimate glamour icon of the 70’s meaning this piece should be saved for the later years.

4. Bell bottom trousers

bellPeople have been saying the bell bottoms are coming back but hopefully they stay on the older ladies who swear by loose fit. This style is incredibly hard to pull off unless you are teetering in 5-inch heels. Don’t take it personally, it’s not flattering on anyone and there’s a reason why skinny jeans came into play. Skinny jeans are great on all shapes and sizes.

5. Flight attendant neck tie

scarfIf you’re wrapping a silk floral patterned scarf around your neck and giving it a cute knot at the end, you might as well start serving out hot towels. This look instantly matures the young lady to an old-fashioned momma. If you love the scarf and want to wear it, be careful with the positioning of the knot. Placing it to one side will signify an air stewardess while placing it in the centre emulates a sophisticated Gossip Girl Blair.

Do you agree with these pieces?


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