Comfortable Work Clothes For The 9-5 Businesswoman

Having to dress up for work can be stressful and time-consuming. It’s hard to find things in your closet that are work-appropriate without having to sacrifice comfort. When you roll out of bed at 7am in the morning, don’t you just wanna throw on something without it being too tight or stretchy? Plus, if you’re working in an office all day, those dresses can be constricting and not very breathable.

We have compiled a list of comfortable work clothes for this fall/winter that you can just throw on and look good! No need to spend those extra 30 minutes looking at your closet deciding what to wear. Depending on what kind of work environment you’re in, sometimes you have to wear a dress or something black/white. We got that covered as well.

Big Sweater: ASOS Jumper

asos 1

Big oversized sweaters are in right now and they’re super comfortable and elegant. They’re work appropriate if you top it off with a knee-length skirt or some dark pants. The one from Asos looks and feels like you could just lounge around all day in it without having to worry about your belly fat showing.

Long Baggy Tank:  ASOS Woven Vest Top

asos 2

Wear these with a pencil skirt and top it off with a big cardigan or jacket. It’s wearable all year round and it says “mature” without having to sacrifice comfort. This one from Asos also comes in a 2 pack of black and white so you don’t have to work about color coordinating on those days you’re just too lazy.

Loose Black Dress: Nasty Gal Metamorphose Dress

nasty gal 1

Look like a butterfly with this gorgeous black dress from Nasty Gal. You don’t have to wear a mini cocktail dress for business meeting. You got your bits covered up, you’re in style, and you’re wearing something you could go to bed with this flowy black dress. You won’t have to worry about being too hot or too cold because it’s so breezy.

Loose Pants: Abercrombie Rebecca Drapey Pants

abercrombie 1

These pants are seriously the most comfortable pants of life. Wearing a pair will feel like you’re in your pajamas without compromising what you look like. You can even top it off with a button-up shirt for a more professional look. They might be only suitable for more casual work environments though. (sadface)

Oversized Shirt Dress: RHIÉ

otteny 1

A long blouse-shirt like this will be professional and not too revealing if you have a corporate party or even to go to. A dress like this is super flow-y and comfortable even if you’re not in the mood

Cotton Blazer: Anthropologie Two-Pocket Knit Blazer

anthropologie 1

Finding a blazer is all about the fabric: If you have a cheap, non-stretchy material it’s going to suck and make you all sweaty and gross. If you have a breathable cotton blazer, it makes your life some much more comfier, and makes you want to wear it more. Find a comfy cotton or knit blazer for those days you have to go to a business meeting.

Jumpsuit: Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent

rent the runway 1

A long baggy jumpsuit will save you from putting on 2 pieces of clothing. If you need a shirt and pants for whatever occasion, why not just throw on a jumpsuit instead? The only downfall is that whenever you have to pee you have to take it all off. But oh well, it probably will save you a few minutes in the morning finding things to put on.

Cotton/Satin Midi Skirt: ASOS Vila Quilted A Line Midi Skirt

asos 3

Find a midi skirt instead of a pencil skirt if you want more comfy. Look for materials that give it more “poof” like polyester or sateen. The poofier the dress, the more comfortable you will feel if you have to just lounge around like you’re watching TV but look like a woman.


Tell us…

What do you hate having to wear to a 9-5 work job?

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