Cherry Problems – Constipation

Cherry Problems - Constipation

Cherry Problems - Constipation

Summertime is when cherries are freshest and most readily available, so we run to the grocery store to buy up bag loads of the the luscious little red balls. Careful though! Eating too many cherries can actually be a bad thing for you! Doctors recommend that you stick to a single serving (1 cup) of cherries a day to maximize its benefits while preventing any side effects that occur with them.

They’re a great source of Vitamin C (8% of daily value), potassium (5% DV) and dietary fibre (2.1g), but overall, they don’t have a whole lot of nutritional value. You may get a bit of Vitamin B as well if you’re lucky and eat enough. You can increase the nutritional content of cherries by opting for sour cherries as opposed to sweet ones – 12% DV of Vitamin C, 5% DV of manganese, and 8% DV of Vitamin A. A study on rats has found that the red pigment found in cherries also has a positive effect on preventing weight gain and reducing blood inflammation factors.

Cherry Problems - Constipation

That being said, don’t go overboard on how many cherries you eat just to get all of your vitamins. Some side effects can occur too. About 97 calories can be found in one single serving of sweet cherries, as well as 16g of sugar. If 16g of sugar doesn’t seem like much to you, imagine it as 4 teaspoons of pure sugar. Does that change how you picture cherries now? They’re quite literally sugar loaded fruits. And although it may not be artificial sugar, natural sugars can also stimulate weight gain regardless of how healthy its source is. So remember to meal plan in order to prevent yourself from overdosing on cherries and consuming too much sugar.

Cherry Problems - Constipation

Although cherries provide a lot of dietary fibre, eating too many can actually induce constipation. Fibre usually helps to clean out your intestinal tracks by pulling any clogs down the path and out the other end. If your fibre intake exceeds what your digestive system is ready for, you may create a blockage that can lead to constipation. Heavy gas production and farts are also another side effect of too much dietary fibre. If you find that you are pretty gassy after eating cherries, it might be a signal that you’ve had one too many.

So next time instead of devouring the entire bag of cherries to yourself, why not considering sharing some with your friends. Or try mixing other berries in as well so that you can eat just as much, but with less cherries in one portion.

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