“Contouring” Properly- Creating a Perfect Canvas

celeb contouring

Ever wonder why the stars on the red-carpet look absolutely perfect in every way, shape, and form? Contouring. That’s why.

The perfectly sculpted look that celebs have on the red carpet or on a photo shoot is not a result of God-like genes (although, we’re sure many of them are truly stunning women), they are the results of the brush. That’s to say, it’s a make up effect (done really well on them). This sculpting of the face through make up is called contouring (if somehow you’ve never heard of it before). 

Contouring is a tricky (depending on your face shape) make up  technique that let’s you highlight and create shadows, to emphasize you “pretty features”. It gives your face a bit more dimension and makes sure your features don’t fall flat.

Higher cheekbones? You got it. Defined jaw line ? No problem. Deeper brow line? Right away. Thanks to contouring.

How do we do this “contouring”?


Depending on what shape of face you have and what you’re focussing on contouring, you’ll use a corresponding brush. Angled brushes (like No. 2) are great for an angled contour (like defining the hollows of your cheek). They give a really softly defined shadow. The precise brushes like No. 4 or No. 5 are better for precise contouring (like defining the bridge of your nose). Brushes like No. 1 are great for chiselled contouring (like defining your brow bone).


Depending on what part of the face you’re contouring and what your skin tone is, you’ll use specific colours. Try to stay away from using bronzers because it’ll make you look more orange than defined. Instead, try different shades of taupe or a light brown that you can layer well. Make sure whatever palette you’re using is matte or else it’ll just end up making you look shiny (gross).

Blending is really important when you’re contouring. If you don’t blend well, you’re going to end up like someone smeared dirt across your face (not a good look, btw).

How should you contour (and highlight) for your face shape?


You may look like a bit of a clown at first… but we promise that you’ll love the results. It is a fair bit of work so maybe don’t go overboard (check out some of these contouring fails).

Tell us:

Do you love contouring? Or you could you be less bothered by it all?

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