Pizza Hut is finally catching up to the growing demand for cooler pizzas after announcing a entire menu revamp. We were excited when cheese stuffed crust came out but now it is so last year. Parts around the world already have insanely innovative pizza crust fillings such as sweet potato mousse so here are 7 more delicious pizza types Pizza Hut should think of:

1. Cookie dough pizza crust


This is every sweet tooth’s dream come alive. The crust is both savoury and sweet with seeds and raisins scattered throughout plus it comes with a blueberry dipping sauce. BOMB-DIGGITY.

2. Fish and chips pizza

pizza crust

Crispy, British and comes with a side of fries. Aren’t you curious?

3. Rice crust pizza


For all the people who want gluten free option and thinner crust.

4. Cheeseburger crust pizza

PIZZA, hamburger

Little burger bites in the crust, how can anything be more glorious?

5. Pizza in a cone


Ok, this just makes the darn thing cooler to eat. Pizza Hut, introduce this to the new menu!

6. Sweet potato mousse filled crust

goguma pizza

Don’t shun it before you’ve tried it! This is a super popular menu item in Korea’s Pizza Hut chains.

7. Deep fried pizza


pizza crust

It’s a heart attack waiting to happen but everyone loves a deep fried dish. If you’ve ever wanted to indulge in some greasy food, this is a perfect combination.

8. Cauliflower pizza crust

pizza hut

With the rise of calorie conscious and healthy choices being on demand, Pizza Hut should introduce a healthy crust so that their consumers are more enticed to dine on pizza. Cauliflower crust has gotten amazing reviews from samplers and it’s guilt free.

What kind of pizza would you love to see on the new Pizza Hut menu?


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