Coping with Rejection

Coping with Rejection

Besides mourning over a loss, rejection can be the next toughest feeling to cope with. It’s a very hard fact of life to deal with, but it’s difficult to avoid. Actors get rejected from roles that they audition for all the time, and if A-listers can deal with rejection then you can too.

Coping with Rejection

Don’t Dwell

The first step is to stop dwelling on the situation. Sure it’s difficult not to look back, but the longer you spend brooding, the more angry and depressed you’re going to make yourself feel. You’re basically adding fuel to the fire of your emotions by allowing yourself to continue reliving the situation over and over again.

Coping with Rejection

What’s done is done. We can’t travel back in time and change how things happened. Don’t tell yourself “well if I had done that differently” – the point is that you didn’t. Hindsight is a nasty thing that we do to ourselves and let it take over our thoughts.

Which moves us onto the next section, if you’re going to dwell, do it positively.

Find a Silver Lining From the Rejection

Coping with Rejection

If you got rejected after an interview, instead of dwelling on how horribly you answered the questions and how under-prepared you felt, why not think of how you can change it for the future? You already lost that opportunity, so use it as a learning experience for your future ones.

Should you read up more about the company instead next time? Should you practice some questions with a friend to be more prepared? Should you have dressed differently? These are all legitimate questions to ask yourself, but don’t beat yourself up for not having done the right thing the first time. Use this opportunity to prepare for the next one and improve your performance in future interviews.

We all make mistakes, but learning from them is the most important part. Teach yourself how to treat a situation differently next time and you won’t have to deal with rejection again.

Maybe it Wasn’t Meant to Be

Coping with Rejection

Sometimes rejection is some spiritual way of guiding you towards another path. We all know the phrase “when one door shuts, another one opens” and don’t use it often enough. When one opportunity slips away, take it as an opening to try a new one. So what, you didn’t get a chance to go on another date with that cute guy from the party because he didn’t like your hair. But now you get to go on a date with the guy from your physics class who you originally turned down.

There are always opportunities around every corner. The problem is whether or not you’re willing to seize them. Don’t let rejection boggle you down and bypass all of these opportunities. Take rejection as a lesson learnt on how to tackle new chances. Sometimes bad things just happen so that something good will come of it. There is no free lunch in life, you’ll have to tough it out through the bad to get to the good.

In Due Time

Coping with RejectionCoping with rejection takes time. You won’t instantaneously get over being fired. It’s okay if you need to talk to friends or family. That’s what other people are there for. If you can’t seem to find the silver lining, maybe discussing the situation with somebody else will help. They might be able to see things from a different perspective than you.

Time truly is the healer of all problems. Obviously you won’t  forget about that guy you had a 5 year relationship with within 2 weeks. But a year down the road when you’ve met someone new, your ex will soon be out of your mind.

Keep Yourself Busy

Engage yourself in other activities. If rejection frees up your schedule, take it upon yourself to improve your life in the meantime. Being newly single means lots of more time to hang out with your friends and family. Build better relationships with others around you. You also save so much more money when you only need to pay for your own life as opposed to someone else’s. So go out and splurge on that bag you’ve been eying for months.

Or why not take up some new sport or exercise? Improve yourself for the next person out there. Maybe you want to gain some muscle mass, but your ex was a serial junk food eater. Now you have the chance to do what you want to do and get healthy at the same time.

If you’ve been rejected from work, why not learn a new skill that you didn’t have time for before? Sure you’re unemployed and don’t have a steady source of income, but you’re going to have so much more time on your hands. Use this time wisely and improve yourself by gaining some new skills and experiences. By the time you get hired by a new employer, you’ll be worth even more than before.

Just remember that rejection happens to the best of us, but we all get over it eventually. Be it 2 days or 2 years, it too will pass.

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