Copycat Stores: Who Designed it First?

Copycat Stores: Who Designed it First?

It’s pretty common knowledge that designers take inspiration from each other and that lower-end stores take inspiration or even copy designers. But sometimes we find things online that are absolutely identical that make you wonder, who snatched that piece up first? Many companies purchase from different distributors around the world, so different companies may accidentally purchase the same piece. Here we have an example of Zara, a well-known worldwide company that has cemented itself as the affordable store for the fashionable bloggers, and Romwe, another popular clothing company in the blogosphere. The only difference here is that Zara is accessible physically at retail-locations, while Romwe is available exclusively online.

And here is where we raise our hands screaming “they copied me!”. Copycats abound, we never expected Zara and Romwe to be partners in one. However we do understand that the ever popular retailer Zara does sometimes sell their pieces at outrageous prices, but we still want to get our hands on them. So someone has to replicate it for a more affordable cost right?

Copycat Stores: Who Designed it First?

So the question we’re asking here is, who designed it first, and then which company decided to copycat the look? Or a different question to ask is which company bought it from a distributor first?

It’s hard for us to say because both websites are advertising the exact same photo. We know for sure that the product you buy from Zara will turn out identical to the photo featured online since we can find it in store. But it becomes harder to tell when purchasing from Romwe, since they usually use stock photos (did they “borrow” one from Zara this time?) and not photos of the actual pieces themselves.

Zara‘s piece retails for $49.90 and is currently on sale for $29.99. Romwe prices their skirt for $28.99. With a $1.00 difference, we want to know: who would you trust, and who would you buy from?

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