Trend Alert: Couple Twinning

Couple Twinning

Ever see a man and a woman walking down the street and do a double take because they’re wearing the exact same thing? Let me introduce you to the newest trend I’ve nicknamed “Couple Twinning” where couples wear at least two matching articles of clothing. I find nothing wrong with a matching t-shirt or jersey supporting your favourite team but dressing identical head to toe may be overdoing it a teensy bit. The worst part is people might actually mistake you for brother and sister.

Couple TwinningHow are you feeling about this?

If you want to show your relationship status off loud and proud, here are a few matchy-matchy things you can try without overdoing it:

Couple Twinning

Hopefully your boyfriend will feel comfortable wearing what you want. If he isn’t so keen on the idea, start off with something simple like matching socks to test waters and see how you both like it. The sentiment behind this little act is that it’s a secret only the both of you share. Check out pineapple socks for your first quirky couple twinning initiative.

But hey, I’m definitely not putting down those who love the twinning concept. If you want to swag out with your boyfriend/girlfriend in the same way, I say rock on! Love has no bounds.

Couple Twinning


Tell us…

Would you “twin” with your significant other?


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