No Fashion Like This: Street Style Gallery

street style

There’s no fashion like the fashion on the streets…


Street style has climbed the ladder of fashion klout as a new form of fashion gazing and making a splash in the industry. With the increasingly growing online community, street style has become an inside view of beautiful fashion and of the latest trend (on a viral scale). It is, per se, a demonstration of what the next hot/weird new trend will be.

Street style has not only become an inside view but it’s also become a platform to create style stars. If you get snapped by the hottest street style photog at any event, you’re officially on the map as a fashion trendsetter. We’ve entered a new age of a fashion community. We think it’s great. Fashion is an art and even if you’re not in the elite, you can still manage to make yourself a name in the industry. The street is, after all, where the real fashion happens. It’s also easily accessible (through the plethora of street style blogs), so we can all rejoice and love fashion in a way that’s real and closer to home than the runways. We’re not going to lie, some of these street style shots make the fashion look even better than the campaigns themselves (maybe that’s why campaigns have begun implementing the “street style look” into the campaigns).

That being said, feel free to send us a snapshot of your own street style looks and we’ll feature it! We are all about making new fashion stars (who knows, you could become the new Anna Dello Russo

We’ve rounded up some inspiration for you- a batch of our fav street style shots! We’ve captioned them too- let us know what you would’ve captioned them in the gallery comments.

Photos courtesy of (Tommy Ton).

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