Creative Lighting for Your Home

Creative Lighting for Your Home

Yes, we understand that good lighting is hard to come by

Let’s change the view, of your home that is. Interior decorating can either be a daunting or exciting task.  Good lighting is always a crucial factor in making or breaking the aesthetic appeal of a room. You can either opt for the elementary classroom fluorescent tube lighting and risk the chance of everything coming together very retro-like, or run the chance of looking like you had no idea what you were doing.

Here are some unique and different options for lighting up your home if you want a change. All of these are slightly DIY style and will require some work on your part besides just buying the parts from a store. We’ll try to keep these fairly easy to accomplish and the post will go from easiest to most complicated. If you’re ready to put your screw and hammer to good use then keep reading.

Creative Lighting for Your Home

If you’re a reader, bedside lighting can be a difficult task to accomplish. Sometimes those little table-side lamps aren’t bright enough to illuminate your pages if you’re turned towards it. And then sometimes even if you’re turned away to catch the lamp’s rays, your pillow’s fluffiness might cast some crazy shadows. Instead, why not try mounting desk lamps underneath a headboard shelf to recreate the spotlight lighting you would find on an airplane or coach bus?

Not only can you directly aim the light at your book, but the directionality of the lighting won’t bother anyone sleeping next to you. Now you can both accomplish what you want to do without waking the other person!

If you also prefer less clutter in the bedroom, this is an easy way to cut out a bedside table and still have accessible lighting besides a ceiling installation. Visit IKEAHackers for a tutorial on how to easily accomplish this set up.

Creative Lighting for Your Home

Try a tree branch chandelier DIY to make your home feel cozy and rustic. Just be careful with the wiring when you’re setting up the branch or else you might get some nasty splinters. Remember that it  doesn’t have to be perfect, so some of the bulbs can be hung lower than others. The less perfection there is, the more organic the chandelier will look. You’ll have your friends scouring Urban Outfitters for days looking for the replica of what you have on your ceiling.

If the large bulbs are looking a little industrial for you, switch them out for fairy/Christmas lights to create a more whimsical atmosphere. Avoid picking up a set of lights that twinkle unless you’re planning on inducing seizures in all of your guests.

Watch ClaireMarshall’s video on YouTube and follow the instructions to create your own tree branch chandelier.

Creative Lighting for Your Home

Change up the norm by using lights to spell out some words. We love the out of place, vintage look that these marquee letters give to any domicile. Having some words sitting around your house will look like you’re a flea market junky that happened to stumble upon words besides “Now Showing” or “Las  Vegas”.

This style of lighting gives off a soft glow that provides for great ambiance lighting. If you don’t want to lay it on too thick for the next date you bring home, instead of having the word “love” lying around, why not try “hello” and let your lighting do the talking for you.

Check out the extremely detailed tutorial over at EvanAndKatelyn to make your own set of light up letters.

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