Creative Methods To Scent Your Room (Besides Candles)

Creative Methods to Scent Your Room (Besides Candles)

Tis the season of coziness and with coziness comes scent. But let’s not be basic here and go running to our local home decor shop to stock up on candles (even if they had a sick deal on the 3-wick candle in our favorite scent). Have you explored all of the other options to fill your house with scent?

Creative Methods to Scent Your Room (Besides Candles)1. Reed Diffuser

These scent diffusers not only work to deliver amazing smells across your home, but can double as home decor as well. Because of the slow release of scent through the process diffusion, the porous nature of reeds pulls the essence from the bottom upwards to release the oils into the air. Since the action of diffusion is so slow, your reed diffuser can actually last a lot longer than a candle.

2. Incense

Burning incense may not be everyone’s cup of tea since it also releases a smokey odor along with a scent. Because of this property, incense refers to the object itself as opposed to the aroma released. Often times aromas are combined through the usage of essential oils, which are much stronger than extractions. This allows the aroma to overpower the smokiness of the incense and to still be prominent in the overall scent.

3. Scented Soap

If you can’t purchase scented soaps because your skin is sensitive even though you adore the scent itself, you don’t have to miss out. Instead of using the soap to wash yourself, another application is to store it inside of cabinets, closets and drawers. Everytime you open your furniture to get something, not only will you have scented your clothes and whatever else you stored in there, but you’ll also get a faint blast of the scent too.

Creative Methods to Scent Your Room (Besides Candles)4. Perfume

Perfume doesn’t just have to be sprayed on your body. We’ve found that a subtler attempt can be achieved when sprayed on bed linens as well as inside your closet.

5. Fresh Flora

Flowers and nature aren’t just used for decor, they can come in handy for scenting up your place as well. In the summer we love to place flowers throughout the house, but come winter many of our favorite ones aren’t in bloom anymore. Besides flowers, coniferous trees are always around and if we’re burning candles just to get an Alpine scent inside of our homes, instead of spending a couple dollars on wax, grab some pine branches instead.

Creative Methods to Scent Your Room (Besides Candles)6. Electric Diffusers

Electrical diffusers are usually either timer controlled or are on a constant release cycle. Most of the time you can also control the strength of the scent output as well so that your house doesn’t smell like you doused it in something. Using a time controlled one may also help to prolong the lifespan of your diffuser so that you don’t have to go running back out to your local store to pick up a new one as often.

7. Herbs

It may sound a little strange at first, but if you’re a fan of spicy scents, then a couple sprigs of rosemary, thyme or even stick of cinnamon can easily add some scent to your room. They’re all strong on their own, so just leave them out as decor on your window sill or desk and your job is done with a double duty!

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