Creative Solutions to Unslightly Cables

Creative Solutions to Unslightly Cables

Imagine a black out. Sucks doesn’t it? It just goes to show how important electricity is to us, we almost can’t live without it. But it comes with a price. Well, at least an aesthetic one that is. We rely on electricity for a multitude of things around the house: fridge, stove, computer, TV, radio, lamps, etc. But when you start to nest and want your place to look its best, those unsightly cables that come with all appliances are the most difficult to manage. Quite simply put, all of our problems would be solved if the tangle of cables would simply disappear on their own. But, as most wishes are, that dream is easier said then done.

Time to take a 180 flip on this situation. Instead of attempting to hide all of your cables to prevent a Medusa level tangle, try utilizing the cables to create your own wall decor. In doing so, you actually end up killing two birds with one stone since you won’t have to go out and find art to fill your walls. And with an opportunity like this to do something different with your cables, you might actually go out looking for extension cords just to accomplish this!

Creative Solutions to Unslightly Cords

Cable wall art is actually quite easy to accomplish. All you need is some cable fixings, super glue or even double sided tape. The choice is truly yours as to how you want to affix the cables to your wall.

Industrial Wiring

If creating abstract art on the wall isn’t quite your thing, you can always opt for the exposed industrial look. Affix your cables onto the walls as if they were exposed from behind the wall to give the room a raw feeling of decor.

Creative Solutions to Unslightly Cords

Nerd it Out

Or show off the techier side in you by arranging your cables to resemble a mother board configuration.  Alternatively, we think that it would be pretty cute if you could manage to create an outline of Mario (Super Mario) with your cables as opposed to something as technical as a computer board.

Creative Solutions to Unslightly Cables

Create Negative Space

If you’d rather a more artistic approach, take the time to line the cables up against the wall in the outline of an object. We’re madly in love with this faux picture frame silhouette that can also be used to frame actual art should you wish. Although frame collages are currently all the rage, so you could always just leave the frame empty and your wall would still look aptly decorated.

Creative Solutions to Unslightly Cables

Colorful Cables

Other options include sprucing up your cables to have more color besides just the typical grey, black and white. You can either choose to spray paint your cables, wrap them up with duck/washi tape or even paint them. Alternatively, purchasing a colored extension cord works too. You’ll save more money if you decide to paint/tape your cables though.

And if you’re stuck in a rut where you can’t physically move the cables, try decorating them by adding some finishing touches. This cute bird perch instantly brightens up any room and adds character to the otherwise blah-like cable!

Creative Solutions to Unslightly Cables

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