Crowd Sourcing for White Privileges

Crowd Sourcing for White Privileges

By now, anyone who uses the internet has most likely heard of the Kickstarter campaign to make a potato salad. Kickstarter is usually used for small companies and charities to fund their own projects and product development. But after the success of the potato salad campaign, we’ve seen a jump in joke campaigns for other food creations. One went so far as to ask for money to make ice for the summer. Ludicrous? We thought so too. Another website, GoFundMe, does a similar thing and boasts that it’s the world’s #1 personal fundraising website, pulling in over $360 million to date.

Crowd Sourcing for White Privileges

Recently a new campaign on GoFundMe brought to light the issue of white privileges. User Yaya M. launched a campaign to regain money that she felt that she’d lost due to white privileges. She claims to have been hustled for 15 years by calculating her work history in relation to a monetary disadvantage she received for not being a white male.

Crowd Sourcing for White Priviledges“For those of you interested to know how I came up with a dollar amount for white privilege the answer is less complex than you might think. As someone who has historically been classified by the United States government as a Black/African American woman, I’ve been earning anywhere from 63-69% of what a white man makes for the same work since I entered the workforce in 1999. Even if I control for part-time work as a teenager and consider increases in pay as I grew older/more experienced and changed my field, that still averages out to about a $9000 deficit for each year I’ve been employed. Multiply that by 15 years of hustle and you have my total.”

Sitting at a calculated $135, 000 deficit, Yaya’s campaign aims to gain her back some of the white privilege that she doesn’t have access to and feels that she deserves. Within 6 days, not only has she raised close to $5, 000 from 280 people (about $17/person on average), but has also had an outreach of 13, 000 shares online.

But get this, not only will you be providing her with white privilege, but she will exchange it back for black privilege. Yaya claims to return some fun perks that  black individuals have access too which others can now have if they help donate towards her cause.

Crowd Sourcing for White Privileges

The lowest donation ($5) will befriend her, allowing you to legitimately claim that you have a “black friend”. If you have $25 to get rid of, she’ll help you show off your new-found friendship by sending you a selfie and posting yours on her Facebook account. $65 will let you absorb some of her magical afro powers by touching her hair without having to ask. $100 will buy you her grandmother’s collard greens recipe, and if you’re feeling extra generous, donate $200 to get harassed by Yaya dressed up as a black cop on the street for no apparent reason. And if that isn’t enough and you need proof, an extra $50 will get the encounter video-taped and posted onto WorldStarHipHop.

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