Beat The Winter Blues with Vitamin D!

Curing Seasonal Affective Disorder with Vitamin D!

Curing Seasonal Affective Disorder with Vitamin D!

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The time is here and sadly, our summer months are coming to an end. Many of you may be rejoicing because the fall season is your favourite time of the year but if you are like me, you may be a giant ball of stress. In my experience, fall means oncoming darkness, fighting anxiety and those lovely fall and winter blues. Sound familiar to you?

Curing Seasonal Affective Disorder with Vitamin D!

Many of us suffer from what is called “Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)” but I like to refer to it as the “fall and winter blues”. Usually this sets in right around now, where the evenings are starting to get shorter, the temperature is dropping in the evenings, and that certain smell of fall is in the air. These blues can continue on into the winter months and really wreak havoc on your system.

Think you may be suffering from SAD? If you ever feel like you have less energy, moodiness, anxiety, weight gain and maybe even some social withdrawal; you may be suffering from SAD or the fall and winter blues.

Curing Seasonal Affective Disorder with Vitamin D!

In the more serious cases, medication is available- if you feel like you are experiencing more of a serious case it may be a good idea to bring this up at your annual visit to your family doctor, as this is far more common then you may think. For those of us that feel we can get a handle on it on our own, there are many other ways to help you through these tough months.

So how do we do we help fight off the winter blues?

Often times we concentrate on the inconvenience of the fall and winter months and we tend to want to stay inside. Simply getting outside for a 15-minute walk and feeling the fresh air can turn your entire day around.

Another easy way in helping with SAD symptoms (and you may not want to hear this) is EXERCISE! Get moving! Join the gym; join a running club, hike, anything! Exercise is a fantastic aid in fighting anxiety and stress. Taking time for you out of each day is liberating. In the end you will never regret the exercise you do, only the chances that you miss.

Curing Seasonal Affective Disorder with Vitamin D!

Finding a source of Vitamin D is often beneficial in helping fight symptoms of SAD. We also need Vitamin D to help absorb calcium and promote a healthy bone growth. A lack of Vitamin D means soft bones in both children and adults. A deficiency has also now been linked to certain cancers (breast, colon, pancreatic) weight gain and depression.

Curing Seasonal Affective Disorder with Vitamin D!

Finding a way to increase the amount of Vitamin D in your daily life can also help in fighting anxiety you may be experiencing due to those winter blues. The best source of Vitamin D is of course the sun. Based on where you are anywhere in Canada it is assumed you’re not getting enough sun exposure year round to help with your supplementation and intake of Vitamin D. In that case a daily, over the counter supplement available at your local pharmacy is very beneficial to fighting anxiety and helping out with your deficiency.

Curing Seasonal Affective Disorder with Vitamin D!

You can also help with your diet. Food items like fatty fish (salmon, tuna and mackerel); egg yolks, orange juice, beef liver and also soymilk are a great source. Combine a Vitamin D supplement and food items high in Vitamin D to get the most out of these as a team. Think of them as the strongest team possible working  together to help fight off your winter blues!

September is often a tricky and busy month for most people. The kids are back in school; everything is busier when trying to get back on a normal routine coming out of the summer months. Often times stress can be affiliated with what’s happening around you in your busy life. Keep track of how you are feeling leading into those colder months. Try upping your Vitamin D intake to give you a little extra boost in your step and fight through the long, cold months.

The countdown is on to spring now – only 7 more months!………

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