Curling your hair isn’t just a thing that comes naturally, and not everyone can get it right on the first try. Today at Destination Femme, we are going to give you girls a comprehensive Curling 101 guide, with tips on how to pick your curling iron/wand, and how to make barrel rolls that last a few days.

We will be using/reviewing the Fhi Heat Glamour 1″ curling wand to demonstrate how to get perfect curls.

Curling Wang Fhi Heat Glamour

Hair Length and Barrel Size

First off, before you go out and buy a curling hot tool, you need to determine what kind of curls that you want. If your hair is short, you can either go for tight Shirley Temple-esque curls, or loose and big waves. If the latter is your option, go for a wider barrel. If ringlettes are more your type, then a smaller wand will come in handy.

Curling 101

Luckily for the longer haired ladies, you can use almost any barrel. But if your hair is extremely long, using a larger barrel can create loose curls that may fall out throughout the day. Test drive a couple of different barrel sizes before committing to one.

Most places will allow you to return your curling tool even after you’ve used it, so don’t be afraid to get a bunch of different ones a test drive. If you like being able to alternate, you can always invest in a 2-in-1 or even 3 or 4-in-1 set that allows you to switch out different sized and shaped barrels. This may save you more money in the long run so you don’t have to buy multiple hot tools.

Temperature Control

Everyone’s hair texture is different, which means that everyone’s hair also curls differently. It’s important to have a temperature control so that you can increase and decrease the heat as necessary. You don’t exactly want to replicate this hair tutorial:

In order to prevent this, always follow the instructions that come with your hot tool. It’s better to begin with a lower setting and working your way up instead of instantly frying your delicate strands off. And unless you’re trying to curl your entire head at once, there’s no reason that you should be jacking the temperature up to the max. Your hair isn’t made of iron, give it some TLC.

The best temperature controls to look for are hot tools with a digital screen. Sliding controls can only allow you to control the strength of heat to a certain extent. Sometimes a couple of degrees can go a long way.

Swivel Cord

Sometimes the most looked over components are the most important. Without electricity, you wouldn’t be able to turn on your hot tool. It’s a guarantee that when you’re curling your hair, the repetitive twisting motion will end up creating kinks in your cord.

Make sure to find a rotating swivel cord that will be flexible with your curling motions so that you don’t break the hot tool.

Curling 101 - Your Guide To Getting Goldilocks Perfect Hair


Sometimes things break. It’s a fact of life. So even though your hot tool is meant to last you a couple of years, you may have a faulty one that short circuits within 5 uses. Make sure that your hot tool always comes with a warranty to save your back.


Let’s talk about plating. Everybody has different needs when it comes to hair. Whether you’ve got coarse and thick hair that’s extremely stubborn, or fine and limp strands that lose style within monutes, there’s a hot tool out there for you. But the important thing is to figure out exactly which ones you need to use without wasting money on the ones that don’t.


Let’s start off with the strongest of them all – titanium. Titanium is an extremely effective heat conductor that heats up faster than you can prepare your hair with a heat protectant. Because it’s the powerhouse of platings, titanium is fantastic for professional use as well as thick and coarse hair. If you’re in need of something strong (maybe you’re sharing it with a friend), but have finer hair, make sure to turn down the temperature so that your strands don’t get fried.


On the other end of the spectrum is ceramic. Ceramic is most suited for fine to thicker hair that needs a hot tool that’s gentle enough for everyday use. But you’ll quickly notice when shopping for ceramic hot tools that the prices can vary. Why? Because ceramic is quite the expensive material that when used minimally, can still provide you with the results you want – to an extent. Cheaper hot tools that claim to be made out of ceramic are – surprise, surprise – not 100% ceramic. Most of the cheaper tools are actually metals coated in ceramic.

The truly 100% ceramic hot tools will run you a pretty penny, but are an effective investment in the long run. Why? Because ceramic coated hot tools can chip, and may even sometimes unevenly distribute heat, cause hot spots that can damage your hair. So go ahead and spend that extra dollar on a 100% ceramic hot tool, your hair will be thanking you in the end.


You’ll never actually find tourmaline as a standalone coating or material on a hot tool. It actually has to be used in conjunction with something else for it to be effective. Mixed into a titanium or ceramic hot tool, tourmaline gives a smoother finish and silky sheen to the hair as it allows your hot tools to glide across your strands instead of scratching at them.

So now that we’ve covered the technicalities and the basics of choosing your ideal curling iron, we will talk about how to properly do a curl that will last for 24-48 hours.

Curling Wand How To Twist

Twist your hair around the barrel depending on where you want the curls to start. (When it’s turned on, remember to always use gloves so you don’t burn yourself!) It’s best to start lower if you have really long hair. You should also consider doing the front lower than the back, because your front strands are usually longer than the back.

For this example, we used the Fhi Heat Glamour 1″ curling wand. It has ceramic plating, which makes it heat up relatively fast. It also has a bumpy texture on the rod so that your hair doesn’t fall off the barrel easily if you’re holding it at a downwards angle.

Curling Wand Doing The Back

When curling the back, be careful so that you don’t accidentally burn yourself. If your hair is too short for you to see what’s going on in the back, either ask a friend for some help or position mirrors around you to enhance your peripheral view.

Curling Wand Completed

When you’re done, your hair will be in the shape of tight ringlettes. If that’s the look that you’re going for then stop there. However for those that are the fan of a natural look, allow your hair to set until it’s cool and then gently brush through it with your fingers. This will create gentle curls that won’t look as tight.

If you’d rather waves as opposed to curls, gently finger brush your hair while it’s still a little bit warm. The goal is to prevent it from settling in such a rigid state.

And that’s it! You’re well no your hair to having beautifully curly hair like a Victoria’s Secret model! Let us know if you have any other hair inquiries!

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