Dad Films His Daughter For 15 Seconds Each Week From Birth Until She’s 14

This loving dad films his daughter for 14 years, 15 seconds each week, to make it into this beautiful and moving timelapse that has been shown to us today.

Lotte has gained worldwide publicity after her dad’s videos went viral over the last 9 months. The 14 year old has been featured in a number of online publications. His videos have gotten over 22 million views. This is just the start too — he has released one more video of his son, Vince, growing up until he’s 9 years old.

The dutch videographer, Frans Hofmeester, works as an artist, filmmaker, and photographer by trade. This is why he began this miraculous journey from her birth to where she is now. This personal project has invoked emotional responses in millions of people worldwide.

What is amazing and astounding about this is her transformation over the last 14 years. We all have those baby photos of ourselves and they probably diminish as we get older. What is amazing is that her dad had the patience to keep going every week of her life to bring us something that can never be replicated. We see the actual passage of time in this video.

How many of us wish we could have recorded ourselves step by step growing up?

“So many emotions in just 4 minutes dictate the whole story of a kid. I made the invisible visible”

– Frans Hofmeeste

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