DARE to be a…Monster? MBFW Berlin S/S 2015

DARE to be a...Monster? MBFW Berlin S/S 2015

The past week was the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (let’s keep it at MBFW since it’s less of a mouthful) in Berlin for the Spring/Summer 2015 (S/S 2015) lines. Lots of talented designers walked their masterpieces down the runway, but one that stuck out was DARE by Johny Dar.

DARE to be a...Monster? MBFW Berlin S/S 2015

Usually the designs that walk down the runway are merely for artistic expression and not to be translated into everyday wear. But Johny Dar by far exceeds the limits of fashionable translation. You can translate Chanel’s crazy tweed dresses into a conservative two piece pantsuit, but not so much with DARE. The first set of models walked down the runway with cascading hair covering their faces like Cousin Itt from the Addams Family. Besides being covered by hair, the models are also covered in intricately detailed body paint. Is this a signal that full on tattoos are to soon be in fashion? Should I start saving up for the costly sessions that will quickly be booked up?


Not to worry, there were models wearing haute couture designs as well. Swathed in tulle, mesh, and cork, they ruled the runway like any model should. Next up were some wearable pieces worn by models with lazer cut Malificent cheekbones. We’ve seen Kim K’s crazy contouring, but this has seriously taken it to the next level. And those overly drawn on puckered up lips? Oh yes, we’re definitely getting a very Harujuku girl vibe from this look.

Another set of models came strutting down the runway also fully covered in patterned body paint. But, instead of having a curtain of hair cascading from their head like an umbrella, it was tucked into their vulva. Sensuality oozed from these models but not the way you would expect. Are you confused yet but the eclectic collection that Johny Dar put forth? We were too, until we did a little bit of digging.

His company, Dar the Book, is short for Design Art Reborn. Simply meaning a method of artistic expression that utilizes different methods and mediums. This runway show was no way short of utilizing different multimedia to express art. “Integrating Johny Dar’s unique style of artistic expression through many mediums – music, art, fashion, hair and make up” said his website, “this was a show that harmonized different mediums in a sensational symphony of elements combined to create a unique and refreshing runway experience”. Which is all pretty cool if you think about it.

His collection was born through 40 days of work in collaboration of design students and a 24 hour pre-show production to paint all of the models and get them ready. Johny Dar’s level of dedication and passion for art is clearly expressed through the immaculate detail he put into the closing show of MBFW Berlin S/S 2015.

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