We Found The Perfect Man: Date a Guy Who Lifts

We Found The Perfect Man: Date a Guy Who Lifts

Ladies, the search is finally over. We have found the perfect man…or men. Head to your local gym or supplement store, because the man of your dreams lifts.

He’s Dedicated

We Found The Perfect Man: Date a Guy Who Lifts

The guy who lifts is extremely dedicated. He goes to the gym 5-7 times a week to work on that physique. He has a schedule. He separates and organizes his workouts dedicating a day for each muscle group. He plans accordingly for when he goes to the gym. He’s on the ball with meals and sometimes even macros.

This dedication is good because that means he will be dedicated to you. He runs on a schedule so he won’t be all over the place, ensuring that you’re not frustrated with last minute plans. Dedication means that he has set goals, and that’s what we’re looking for. It also shows ambition, and my god is that sexy.

He Looks Hot

We Found The Perfect Man: Date a Guy Who LiftsThe guy who lifts looks freakin’ sexy. It doesn’t matter if his face is a 6, his body is a high 9-10. The way those arms flex when he carries heavy stuff for you. Mmmm. And the way his chest feels. Is it getting hot in here? He takes good care of himself meaning he pays attention to what he’s eating and consuming.

This is good for you because he will have other girls wishing they were you. He takes care of himself so you won’t have to worry about him getting comfortable (cough, fat). He’s healthy so you won’t have to worry about him. His pants rip in public from his muscular thick thighs? Not a problem. We don’t mind.

He Can Cook

We Found The Perfect Man: Date a Guy Who LiftsHe can cook. Meal prep, that is. Chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and plain veggies. If you’re lucky, his meal prep extends beyond this. A guy who lifts meal preps like crazy. Gotta get them macros and¬†gains. He’s probably got cooking chicken down to a T, making sure it’s not dry and very juicy. At least when he cooks for you you know you’re not going to perish from under cooked bacon in your KD. There’s nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen who knows what he’s doing.

This also shows maturity and maybe a connection to a relationship with his mom (aww). A guy who can cook for himself shows that he can take care of himself, exhibit A his body. This means he’ll take care of you and won’t be the type to consider toast as a sufficient meal.

He Motivates You

We Found The Perfect Man: Date a Guy Who LiftsHe’s like a cheerleader, always encouraging you and providing you with motivation to work out too. If you’re a girl who lifts, this is perfect because you guys can go to the gym together. He acknowledges what he likes about your body and praises you for it…because he wants to receive praise in return. He knows what hard work is. He will push you and motivate you to look and feel as sexy as you think he is. Face it, we need that kind of push to get us going.

This is good because you can be that sexy gym power couple. And if you break up, at least you’ll look sexy. Being a motivator means he cares. He invests time in you and sees potential in you. How sweet.

He Has Stamina

We Found The Perfect Man: Date a Guy Who Lifts

From lifting weights all week and that occasional cardio session during cutting season, his stamina is better than the stoner’s you dated in high school.¬†Stamina shows he’s determined, he doesn’t give up, and has the endurance to put up with your shit. This means he can walk for miles with you on the beach, show off for you in sports, and most of all bring it in bed. He won’t get tired easily, will give it all he’s got, and work for those results. He doesn’t believe in short cuts. Lifting gives your guy a higher level of testosterone meaning he’s more confident and sexual in bed.

Testosterone turns boys into men. Ladies, raise your hand if you’re tired of playing with boys and want a man. That’s what I thought.

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