Dating Apps: What You Need to Know

Dating Apps: What You Need to Know

We are so past categorizing online dating as risque. When you mentioned that you met your boyfriend online, no one should even blink an eye. In this age of technology, you should be considered out-of-style if you aren’t online dating. Now that I’ve convinced you that there is nothing to be ashamed of, let’s talk dating apps and online dating etiquette. I would consider myself pretty well-versed in this department, as just about all of my friends own a dating app on their phone, and I’ve even tried a few myself. Here’s what you need to know about dating apps from my learning experience (or my learning experiences via the dramatic stories of my friends) so that we can save you the heartbreak.

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Don’t take it too seriously, too quickly.

For the most part, dating apps don’t allow you to know too much about a person and their intentions from the get-go. Apps like Tinder also allow you to go through potential dates faster than scanning a crowded bar or club (Psst! I’ve also heard from plenty of reliable sources that most males will swipe right to every girl, just to see who they match up with). So the reality is, these people are probably talking to multiple individuals, so don’t get your hopes up just because you both have seen the latest romantic comedy and had a heated discussion about it. Dating apps are a more casual approach to dating websites, so you should be casual as well. If you want to meet people for non-romantic reasons, try Badoo.

Be really good at sounding interesting in a small number of characters.

No one has the time to read that paragraph you wrote about how much you love long walks on the beach and deep conversations. Keep your essay writing skills for school, and practice your point-form for dating apps. It’s important to have an enticing (or at least funny) one-liner that will bring all the boys to the yard. While having a well put-together tagline for Tinder is known to ensure witty banter with a stranger, HowAboutWe is specifically for making dates happen. Form your interests into one sentence that convinces someone that you are a fun person to take out on a date, and try your luck with this app.

Be open-minded.

You’re single and you’re using dating apps – there is absolutely no excuse for you to go the whole mile and just be completely open with your options. This means to talk to people who you would not normally go for, try multiple dating apps, and go in completely blind with Twine Canvas. This app is all personality based, as you do not initially see what the person looks like. This may sound scary to some, but aren’t we past being shallow now?

Profile pictures are important.

Make sure your profile picture is an accurate representation of what you look like. Close down your Photoshop, and put away those deceiving angles. It’s just online dating etiquette. Along with that, avoid group photos because we don’t want to play Where’s Waldo and try to figure out which one you are in the photo. Just have a clear, straight-shot of yourself, smiling! Males that have photos with puppies gain bonus points.

Don’t be scared to take it offline.

If you’ve been talking to him everyday for a week, it’s probably time to meet-up. Yes, technology is great, but we should not forget the benefits of the real world and real-life social interactions. It can be pretty nerve-wracking meeting someone for the first time, so do it in a public place (a coffee shop is ideal), and have a way there and back on your own terms (don’t get into cars with strangers!). The good thing about online dating is that if it doesn’t go well, he’s easy to cut off! You don’t have to worry about seeing him in the office like if you were to date a co-worker.

Now tell us:

What’s your perception of online dating apps?

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