How To Deal With A BAD Haircut

how to deal with a bad haircut
bad hair cut
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The WORST thing is feeling good about getting a haircut but then it goes completely wrong and you end up with a mop on your head. Trust, we’ve all been there and while yes hair grows back, at the time it seems like the absolute worst thing that could have gone wrong. We’ve been there, here’s how we handled the awfulness until the hair decided to grow out.

THANK GOODNESS for these tips and tricks to fool everyone into thinking you have normal looking hair.

bobby pins

1. Bobbypins are your new bestie.

Bobbypins are going to be your new best friend when dealing with a bad haircut. Pin back and tuck your unruly layers to make your hair look more tame and put together. You would be surprised what pinning one section back will do for your look.


2. Hats on hats on hats.

Hats are also a great way to cover up that awful style on your head. We can get away with hats every season from sun hats, to baseball caps, to beanies. Use one to cover your hair up. People will be jealous that you can pull off any hat with ease. Little do they know what hides underneath.

How to deal with a bad hair cut

3. Extend that hair.

Extensions are going to be your saving grace. If you are really upset with your haircut and it is just too short for your liking, try some clip on extensions to even everything out. They will work as a sort of place holder until your hair grows out on its own.

How to deal with a bad hair day

4. Tie it up

This may seem self-explanatory but just tie your hair up in a quick pony or bun to keep everything up and out-of-the-way. Try and add a braid to make your hairstyle a little more exciting.

how to deal with a bad haircut

5. Switch up your styling habits.

Do you usually straighten your hair? Try curling it. You can add some loose waves to your hair and go for  messy bead head look a beach waves look. You can also try some new styling products to keep everything under control.

how to deal with a bad hair day

6. Use nutrients to make your hair go faster.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel; hair grows back around 1/2 an inch per month. You can help accelerate the growth of the hair by using natural oils (oilive oil, castor oil), hair proteins (or just eat protein) and stop using as much heat on your hair. If anything, add some heat protectant to your daily routine and turn the heat down on the appliances.

how to deal with a bad hair day


HAIR GROWS BACK. Yes it sucks, but just remember a haircut isn’t like a tattoo, it isn’t forever.

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