How to deal with Menstrual Cramps

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Menstrual Cramps

It feels like a sucker punch to the stomach and you just want to lie in bed for days until it’s all over. You’re not sure if you’re hungry or feeling sick but you also feel super fat. It’s time for that once a month experience again, the dreaded menstrual cramps. Before it ruins your week, try out these ways to ease your pain because we feel you:

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– drink a lot of warm water to increase blood flow and relax your muscles (ginger tea, decaffeinated green tea)

– put a heat pack near your pelvic area and lay down to rest

– eat celery, cucumber, lettuce, and berries to fight bloating

– exercise! Seriously, the endorphins will help relieve pain and make you happy

– eat beans, dark greens, salmon to keep iron levels up

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– skip meals or overeat! Try to schedule meals at set times so you eat properly and never binge eat

– gorge on sugary foods, if you have a craving, nibble on dark chocolate that’s over 70% cocoa

– chug caffeine, lock away the coffee, pop, and alcohol if that’s what it takes

– eat processed food because the sodium content will elevate your bloating

– smoke! Cut down on the cigarettes if you smoke daily. They have been linked to more severe PMS

– snap at someone even if you really want to…

Try out some of these tips and don’t let your menstrual cramps get in the way of your lifestyle. Eating healthy and cutting down on the smoking or alcohol is a good idea anytime.

Tell us…

How do you relieve your menstrual pains?

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