Since shopping is a favorite past time for many of us here in the DF office, what better way to end a work day than to peruse the new Anthropologie location on Queen Street West while indulging on some decadent finger-food and sipping on some bubbly? If you haven’t been into the new location yet then you’re in for a surprise. They repurposed an old two-storey 19th century church into something that’s both modern and comfortable, yet it still retained everything rustic from before.

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If you’re wondering why Anthropologie didn’t celebrate their new location during the first week that it opened, it was extremely close to the holidays, and don’t get us wrong, we’d love to attend, but most of us were probably too busy with holiday parties anyways. No fear though, we were completely ecstatic to attend their cocktail celebration within the first week back to work and couldn’t believe how far Anthropologie went to host the night.

What can you expect from Anthropologie?

The new location is absolutely amazing. You’d usually expect a store to be a wide space where everything is within visual focus so that you can see all of the products on display, however Anthropologie changes that norm. The space is divided into rooms where everything is hidden until you’ve turned the corner – and we like it. Why? Because it gives it the fun notion of exploration. As if every new room is a secret, and this makes it ridiculously fun to walk around.

But besides just making the entire experience a discovery, Anthropologie’s chic decor (we’ve been seriously inspired by some of the set-up) makes you feel like you’re shopping at home. If feeling comfortable in a store doesn’t make you want to buy everything that you see then we don’t know what will.

Have you been to the new Anthropologie location yet?

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