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People aren’t the only ones who celebrate birthdays. In fact many establishments do too! But you don’t often get the chance to attend the celebrations to see how much fun they are. Luckily for you, we got to attend Buonanotte‘s Two Year Anniversary at its luxurious downtown Toronto location. And no, we’re not trying to brag. We brought our equipment along to share with you the festivities that went down!

Destination Femme Celebrates Buonanotte's 2nd Anniversary

We arrived on location right as the party was getting started and got to see Chef Davide set up the pig roast (yes we definitely stuck around to get a taste of it). As well as the cold cut table. Proscuitto and olives? We’re there! After settling down our bags in a corner right next to the celebratory balloons – we want them at our next party, we made a beeline straight to the food. When there’s a rack of lamb sitting on the table waiting to be eaten, you don’t stand and admire. You locate and devour, and devour we did.

Destination Femme Celebrates Buonanotte's 2nd Anniversary

But what would be a party without a couple of drinks? In between the plates of protein, we washed it all down and cleansed off our palettes with a couple rounds of their Celebration Bellini and their white wine. At this point, Buonanotte was beginning to get crowded and you could tell by the atmosphere that everyone there was ready to celebrate in full force. With heavy tracks pumping in the background by the DJ, we were ready to get our dance moves on.

And if this is how Buonnanotte celebrates every anniversary, then you can bet that we’ll be back next year for more! Or who knows, maybe we’ll host a party there ourselves!

Destination Femme Celebrates Buonanotte's 2nd Anniversary

How do you like to celebrate?

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