When you get the opportunity to sit down with a handsome fellow, no one shies away from that offer. You politely respond back with a “yes” all the while trying to keep your nerves down. But when you’re told that an interview with one of the models from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 is possible (uh don’t forget that he’s also now the face of the clothing brand KÄRV) then you don’t just politely accept. You freeze and stare at the e-mail on your computer screen with utter disbelief for about 30 seconds before the giddyness settles in. After that point, all reserve is thrown out the window as you squeal for what can possibly be about 15-20 seconds straight with your coworkers before you begin hyperventilating. Just kidding, we weren’t that much of a nuisance – though we did fan girl pretty hard when we found out that we’d be getting the chance to interview Matthew Smith.

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Remember how maybe about, let’s see, almost 6 months ago, we got the scoop that Matthew Smith would soon be shooting his campaign as the new face for KÄRV? Well now it’s time to showcase the exhilarating collaboration! Sharing with us his best Zoolander impression, we spent a solid 30-45 minutes laughing our pants off with one of the most laidback celebrities we’ve ever met. Matthew Smith’s outgoing personality and openness proved that not all famous faces are divas, and that most aren’t just in it for the money and fame. He genuinely supports the brand and truly loves the art of modelling.Sharing with us his love for holographic Pokemon cards (we kid you not!) and which piece from KÄRV’s new collection is his favorite (but only because it leaves the rest of his body naked – which is the ultimate goal right?), we learned what sets the brand apart from other ones. In the ever saturated fashion industry, only a select few are truly different. Many often imitate others  – which is pretty obvious, while the rest create their own personality. So what makes KÄRV stand out from the others? You’ll have to watch our interview with Matthew Smith to find out!

Destination Femme Sits Down With Matthew Smith

If you were stuck on an island and could only take with you one piece from KÄRV’s new collection, which one would it be?

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