Destination Femme’s Interview With The Up And Coming Pop Duo, HighDiamond

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We visited the talented sisters from HighDiamond, Catina and Angela, to get to know more about them, how they got started, and what food they’d choose to be. They were both born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario. Ever since they were little, they loved to sing, dance, and play instruments.
HighDiamond currently has three released songs: Broken, Fairytale, Dance it Away, and Fabulous. They were even able to sing us a little snippet for us to hear. With the girls being so multi-talented, it’s no surprise how far they’ve come. If they could describe each other, they’d be the complete opposite. But it’s opposites that attract. Cat describes Angela as a rule breaker and a rebel, yet Angela describes Cat as a kind person who loves to have things scheduled and organized. Cat also always likes to carry a bag full of essentials, meanwhile Angela likes to travel light. Regardless of their differences, they both enjoy each other’s company and they make a killer performance!


Where the inspiration comes from…

HighDiamond’s music pulls from personal experiences to create songs that are fun, yet still relatable to the audience. Their song ‘Dance it Away’ teaches people to turn all their negative feelings and experiences into positive ones. The song is inspired by their bullying experiences as children, which is still a huge problem in today’s society. Other experiences include relationships with family, friends, or past boyfriends. The purpose of their music is to inspire and make a difference in people’s lives.


Make sure you follow their Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram to see when their next song comes out, or what they’re up to! Or if you’re interested in seeing who else we’ve been loving recently, make sure to check out our interview with another Canadian: Melanie Durrant!

Which of their songs is your favorite?

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