The Diet That Has Worked for Centuries

Not exactly new to our bodies, the alternate day fasting diet has been effective since the prehistoric times. Our Neanderthal ancestors never had a readily accessible source of food and sometimes went days on end without food. Our bodies have adapted to this periodic fasting state. But nowadays, we’re in a constant feasting state. We eat non-stop, when we are bored, sad or happy. Every situation calls for food.

Bad habits die hard, so it’ll take a couple of weeks before you’re used to this erratic diet pattern. On normal days, you can eat anything you wish (sort of). To really see the results you want, you will still have to try and cut out some of those guilty pleasures. High-fat foods and sugars will have to go, sorry. Once you start eating clean, it’ll be an easy way to keep it up. Your body will begin to crave the healthy and fresh foods.


However, on fast days you should eat a 500 calorie meal, usually either for lunch or dinner. If you try to break up your meals, you are more inclined to cheat because you just want more. On the fast days you’ll have to really stay hydrated to suppress your hunger and get through the day, but sooner or later your body will adapt to the lifestyle.

Studies have shown that even when people overeat on feast days, they only overeat by about 10%. This makes the diet more manageable because you always have the next day to look forward to. You are not restricted to salads or have to cut out ALL of your guilty pleasures.

It WILL take time for your body to adjust. You’ve gone from all-day buffet to a small meal. The initial transition can be difficult, and depending on your current weight, insulin levels and habits, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to weeks before you get used to it. But, this diet has been scientifically proven to help you lose bad weight. Most diets have you losing fat and muscle at the same time, starving yourself and restricting yourself to a couple leaves a day. You end up losing  both energy and motivation.

Here are some sample fasting day meals and recipes (all 500 calories and under) to get you started:

Bruschetta Chicken



Slow-Cooked Stuffed Peppers



Red Pepper & Parmesan Tilapia


Tell us:

Would you try this diet trend? Would you be able to get through every other day without food?



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