Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses As Badass Hipsters

Disney princesses have been all the rage this year! They’re so popular now and have been redone in so many formats — the ones re-imagined to look like realistic girls in realistic situationsOrange Is The New Black characters, and even as men. It’s not surprising that this time, they have been re-imagined as rebellious punk-y hipsters. We love that they stray away from the traditional fragile princesses — it’s the girls of the 21st century. Some people may think all the piercings are a bit too much, but hey, how else would they stand out? Personally, we think the artist defines his style very clearly throughout all of the illustrations.

These portraits show that the traditional princesses don’t have to just sit around and wait for their prince to come save them. They look like they can save themselves. We also love how their tales are ingrained within them on their tattoos– it gives us the idea that tattoos and piercings don’t have to dictate who you are, but it shows where you come from.

The artist, Emmanuel Viola, is a professional artist from Italy. You can check out his deviantart, his twitter, his behance, and his website.

glam cinderella
Glam Cinderella — Credits to Evviart
gothic belle
Gothic Belle — Credits to evviart
hipster ariel
Hipster Ariel — credits to evviart
tatto artist aurora
Tattoo Artist Aurora — credits to evviart
pin up snow
Pin up Snow White — credits to evviart


hipster jasmine
Hipster Jasmine — credits to evviart
hipster elsa
Hipster Elsa — credits to evviart

If you girls are also interested, here are also some re-imagined cartoon characters. We absolutely adore Princess Leia’s punky bangs and Bat girl’s Joker tattoo.

star wars leia


 Tell us..

What do you think of these punky non-traditional designs of Disney princesses?

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