Disney Wedding Cakes Are Becoming Even More Magical

You’ve met your Prince Charming and you’re planning your perfect fairytale wedding. No wedding would be complete without cake, right? Disney wedding cakes are the perfect way to celebrate the union of you and your Prince. Cakes are not only the highlights of the evening, they really tie a wedding together. When guests arrive, they are instantly drawn to the cake so why not make it a spectacle to look at. Disney has really started to change the game with their living art cakes.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZIxedCER9A]

The new image mapping projection technology allows images to be played over the cake like a mini movie. The images are completely customizable to your wedding which is really nice. You can showcase photos, home movies, or anything your little heart desires. It is sure to impress the guests at your wedding and have people talking.

The only problem is that these Disney wedding cakes can only be purchased if you sign up for one of Disney’s “Wishes Collection” wedding packages. These alone start at a base plan of $12,000. Ouch. So maybe you won’t have an image projected cake but you can still have a nice Disney themed wedding cake. Just look at these for some inspiration..

disney wedding cakes

Simple and adorable, there’s even Mickey mouse dots on the cake. Matching knife and serving knife optional.

disney wedding cakes

Or you could swap out the Mickey and Minnie mouse topper for the Disney castle. A classy and elegant way to incorporate Disney into your wedding without going over the top.

disney wedding cakes

You could also always just add the typical line said at the end of fairytales…”and they lived happily ever after”.

disney wedding cakes

Or you could stick to Mickey and Minnie mouse cake toppers. How cute is this one?

disney wedding cakes

Or if all else fails, you could have a small tribute to Disney by having Mickey and Minnie macarons as your favours.

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