DIY: 4 Ways to Use Flower Petals

4 Ways to Use Flower Petals
Flowers are a nice gesture, and they look nice while they’re blossoming in your house. But once they start to wilt and die, what do you do with them? It feels like such a waste to throw them away, so we’ve got a DIY: 4 ways you can use flower petals!

Check out this step-by-step tutorial video for this easy DIY!

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Candle Setting

4 Ways to Use Flower Petals
Give your summer candles a bit of color with any colorful flower petals you may have. It gives a nice pop of color to your room.
What You’ll Need:
– A candle base (we used a mirror)
– A candle

Pressed Flower Art

4 Ways to Use Flower Petals
If you’re feeling creative, you can create a pressed design with flower petals. They work perfectly in picture frames to have on your desk, or on the wall.
What You’ll Need:
– A picture frame

Pressed Flower Bookmark

4 Ways to Use Flower Petals
Another pressed flower DIY – but for you bookworms! It’s nice to open up your book or agenda to a pretty sight that you made yourself.
What You’ll Need:
– Plastic film (you can find this in packaging of products – that plastic film they put on top of products)
– Clear masking tape

Floating Candles

4 Ways to Use Flower Petals
Flower petals look really pretty floating on water. Stick a few floating candles in there and you’ve got a great decor piece.
What You’ll Need:
– A bowl
– Water
– Floating candles or tea lights

What do you do with flower petals?

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