DIY: Adorable and Simple Alien Craft for Kids

DIY Kids Craft: How to make aliens from pool noodles!

Create your aliens!

Here’s a fun and easy activity to entertain your kids that’s out of this world!

Don’t panic! These adorable space invaders bring peace, fun and creativity for you and your kids with this easy DIY alien craft that’s great for birthday parties and rainy summer days. Inspired by the brain slugs in the show Futurama, your children will love creating their own little fleet of aliens using only a few materials. A lot of these items can be found at Michaels and dollar stores like Dollarama.

You will need:

  • A foam pool noodle
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes

You will need

Step one: Cut

Step one: cutting

This step should be for the parent. Taking your pool noodle, which can be any color you chose, cut it into sections of about 3-4 inches depending on whether you want to cut legs into your alien or not. You can use scissors but an exacto knife works better which is why this step should be done by the parent and not the kids. If your pool noodle has a hole through the middle this is fine because you can fill it in later with excess foam.

Step two: Shape

Step two: trim

To give your alien and nice round head, trim down one of the edges of your noodle with the scissors. The pool noodle is pretty easy to cut and shape but again, this might be a step better suited to the parents depending on the age of your kids. *If your pool noodle has a hole in the middle you can take a small piece of extra noodle, slightly bigger than the hole, and press it into the head of your alien leaving a bit at the top to trim smooth with your scissors.

Step three: Legs (Option 1)

Step three Legs 1

This is an optional step for parents and depends on whether you want the alien to have tentacle legs or not. If yes then this is why you should cut a larger piece of foam in step one. Draw lines where you want your legs (and how many) then cut along those lines with your scissors. They should go about 1/4 or 1/3 of the way up. Just make sure to leave a lot of room for the head/body.

Step 3 Legs 1 B

Afterwards trim the inside of the legs by snipping each section and then simply pull out the excess foam.

Step three legs 1 C

From there you can trim the legs down and shape them to your liking. You can always skip to step four for an alternative to cutting tentacle legs that is very easy for your kids.

Step four: Antennae

Step four antennae

Once you have all your aliens shaped and ready to go let the kids take over with their creativity!

Step four bend antennae

Using the pipe cleaners, they can stick them into the head of the aliens and give them some fun and crazy antennae.

Step four final antennae

No glue is required for this step as the pipe cleaners will stick into the foam very well.

Step five: Legs (Option 2)

Step five legs 2

If you chose not to give your aliens foam tentacle legs then add some pipe cleaner tentacles, arms or whatever your kids can think of. This is where kids can let their imagination run wild as there are no rules to these outer space creatures!

Step six: Glue

Step six glue eyes

For the final step pull out your googly eyes and the more sizes the better. Your kids can give these aliens as many eyes as they wish using the glue stick to add them to their pool noodle creations. Adding eyes of different sizes, numbers and in various places on your alien is lots of fun and each one will come out completely unique! You can also use white glue to add the eyes but it will be more difficult for kids, more mess and takes longer to dry which is no fun.

*DO NOT use a glue gun for this step as it will actually melt both the pool noodle and the googly eye.

Your aliens are ready for fun!

Once your aliens have their eyes they are ready to see and explore this new world with your kids! There are so many possibilities with this craft and many more items that can be added to them such as craft foam, Popsicle sticks, felt, buttons and anything you and your kids can think of. Just don’t let them invade your home once you’re done!

Futurama inspired alien

Tell us…

What other items will you add to your alien?

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