DIY Bow Accent Pillow – No Sew!

DIY Bow Accent Pillow
We are able with another accent pillow DIY! This one requires absolutely no sewing (unless you really want to…) and takes about 5 minutes to do. Your decor will be looking fresh and fabulous within a few folds of fabric. This is a great and easy way to refresh your decor seasonally, without breaking the budget and without too much work. Simply buy a fabric for each season, and use it on the same pillow as the seasons change! Found out how with our DIY bow accent pillow. You can also learn how to make a basic accent pillow here.

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What You’ll Need:

– Pillow
– Fabric (2x the width of your pillow, and 4x the length)
– 3 Safety Pins
– Scissors

Wrap the pillow.

DIY Bow Accent Pillow

Place the pillow in the middle of the fabric and pull the shorter sides over to the middle. Use a safety pin to pin it together in the middle.

Create the bow.

DIY Bow Accent Pillow

Bring in the remaining ends and tie them into two knots.


DIY Bow Accent Pillow
Tuck the ends under the folds and pin to keep them in place.


DIY Bow Accent Pillow

Enjoy switching up pillows with this DIY bow accent pillow!

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