While there are a bunch of different ways to decorate mason jars, we wanted to try something quirky. Making this mason jar is super fun and when all the colours just stick to the jar you will be pretty pleased, trust us! This DIY mason jar is so colourful and is sure to add some vibrance to a dull room.

The supplies you will need:

  • An empty mason jar
  • Nail polish in various colours
  • White spray paint
  • A bucket filled with water

DIY Mason Jar Marble Art


  1. Clean the mason jar.
    We tore off the label completely off of a pasta sauce bottle. We then washed the bottle and wiped it dry.
  2. Prepare for the spray painting.
    To avoid getting paint on your table or floor, cover it with cardboard or newspaper and then place the jar on top. If possible, do it outdoors.
  3. Spray the jar and the lid.
    Shake the can well and then spray paint the jar and the lid (separately) evenly on all sides. For best results, allow this to dry over night. To avoid paint drips, use thin layers and repeat until the bottle is completely covered in paint.
  4. Colour Splash.
    To the bucket filled with water, add little quantities of nail polish. Make sure you don’t add blobs and rather spread a little bit on the surface of the water. This can be done by tilting the bottle and allowing the polish to drip onto the surface of the water. Repeat the same with as many colours as you like.
  5. Coating the mason jar.
    Dip the completely dry mason jar into the water slowly. As you immerse the jar, you should see the nail paint starting to come closer and stick to the jar. Immerse completely till the neck of the jar. You can swivel it around a bit in the water to get different designs. If the jar isn’t coated evenly on all sides, you can repeat the process. Allow it to dry for a couple of hours.
  6. Coat the lid. 
    Repeat step 5 for the lid and allow it to dry.
  7. Decorate and Display.
    Tie a ribbon around the neck or add a tag on the bottle, decorate it the way you like and show off your quirky mason jar!

What are your favourite DIY mason jar projects?

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