DIY Notebook with a Cereal Box

DIY Notebook
Agenda and notebooks have become quite the pricey buy with their fancy papers and holographic designs. In all honesty, you use it to jot down a few notes here and there, just to keep your thoughts in one place. Why spend the money on something you scribble in, when you can simply create it yourself! Using things you can find around the house, you can whip together this cute DIY notebook in no time. Soon you’ll find yourself quickly eating up your cereal so that you can use the boxes to make MORE!

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Things You’ll Need:

– a cereal box
– colorful masking/duct tape
– glue
– string
– button
– thread and needle
– scissors
– paper


– You make adjust the paper & cereal box to any size you want! That’s what’s so great about DIYs – customization.
– Create two small holes with a pencil to make it easier to thread your needle and thread when sewing on the button.
– Make sure you give some slack for your string so you can do and undo your notebook with ease.

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