DIY: Plant Terrarium

If you aspire to be a gardener but really don’t have a green thumb, why not try taking care of an air plant? They’re relatively easy to take care of and don’t need to be planted in soil. But the question still stands, how do you display them? Sure, they can be left on a counter or a plate, but that doesn’t look cute.

What about hanging them?

We’ve seen some ridiculously cute glass terrariums online but they cost upwards of $10, so we came up with this fantastic DIY that costs less than $5 and will take about 30 minutes max to complete!

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Plant Terrarium 1

Prepare your materials.

DIY Plant Terrarium

Cut approximately 2 meters of the fishing line. We used metal tube beads that were about 1 inch long, so if your beads are longer, cut a longer length of fishing line.

Next you’ll need to organize your beads. The first step in the beading process requires 5 beads so set 5 of them to the side to be used.

Make your first pentagon.

DIY Plant Terrarium

DIY Plant Terrarium

The easiest way to imagine how this terrarium will look is to think of a soccer ball. Each face of the terrarium will be a pentagon (5 sides) and each pentagon will be connect to another.

To make your first pentagon, thread 5 of the metal bead tubes onto your fishing line. The the opposite end of your fishing line and thread it through in the opposite direction of the very last bead that you put on. Pull it tight and make sure that both ends of the fishing line are of an even length. You’ve created your first pentagon.

Build your next pentagon onto the first one using bead #1.

DIY Plant Terrarium

On the piece of fishing wire coming out of the right side of bead #1, thread on 4 metal tube beads (you already have one attached to this string so you’ll only need 4 new beads to create a pentagon).

Thread the fishing line coming out of the left side of bead #1 in through the last bead you threaded onto the other fishing line.

Build your third pentagon using beads #1D and #5.

DIY Plant Terrarium


Thread the fishing line that is coming out of bead #1D that is facing downwards into bead #5.

Thread 3 new beads onto the other fishing line (there are already 2 beads attached to your strings). Take the fishing line coming out of bead #5 and thread it through the opposite direction of the last bead you put onto the other string.

Pull tight and then thread the fishing line closest to bead #4 through that bead.

Repeat the same process with beads #4, #3 and #2.

DIY Plant Terrarium

DIY Plant Terrarium

Repeat the same steps as you just did with bead #5 through #4 and #3. When you get to bead #2, continue threading the fishing line through bead #1A as well until you get the finished product shown above.

DIY Plant Terrarium

Once you’ve finished the pentagon around bead #2, thread the fishing line closest to bead #1B through that bead.

You’ve now finished one half of the terrarium! Let’s start the second half of it!

Build a pentagon through using beads #1B and #2B.

DIY Plant Terrarium

Repeat the same process to build a pentagon through beads #1B and #2B.

Continue building pentagons through beads #1C + #5A and #5B + #4A, then add the air plant.

DIY Plant Terrarium

Continue building pentagons until you’ve made three out of the second half of the terrarium. At this point, you’ll want to put your air plant inside of the terrarium so that you can continue DIY-ing around it. If you wait til the end, the plant won’t be able to squeeze through the holes.

Take your time from this step onwards so that you can make sure that the plant is comfortably resting inside of the terrarium.

Plant Terrarium S7A

Keep building the pentagons until you finish the last one. Once you’ve finished looping through bead #23A, make sure to thread the fishing wire through beads #12B, #15A, #45A and #34A to secure the final pentagon on the top.  You can now thread your fishing line around the terrarium until you find a point that balances the air plant when you hang it.

Hang up your terrarium.

DIY: Plant Terrarium

Find a place to hang your terrarium from. We suggest somewhere with plenty of sunlight so that it can soak up those UV rays. Try making multiple terrariums and hanging them from different heights and decorate your place! We love the idea of hanging a couple of them above your sink in the kitchen if there’s a window there.

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  1. Favourite video! I’ve seriously have been wanting to make a plant terrarium for the longest time but haven’t found any inspiration or tutorial that has really pushed me to do it. But I’ve just got to do this once Ive saw this! So simple and yet looks great to jazz up any space!

  2. it’s my favourite video because it is such a cute and simple DIY! i’m definitely going to make one to put it in my room!

  3. I’m actually in the process of mKing my own soil for my terrarium. But this looks super cute and way easier to make. It would look so cool with different color beads.

  4. This is my favorite video because I love DIYs and I have wanted to make my own little terrarium for a long time now. This is a unique take on it.

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