Today’s project is to re-purpose an adorable board that we found (it’s actually meant for kids to use, but who really cares) into chic decor for your home. This DIY multifunctional chalkboard is perfect for those that are on a budget but still want something customizable and super cute that all her friends will be surprised to find out she hand made. This isn’t some Restoration Hardware budgeted DIY, but rather a cost effective one since we got all of the supplies from the dollar store.

Just remember that although this DIY is fun, it isn’t necessarily mess-free. Your manicure may not be perfect by the end, but at least you can put a note on your new multifunctional chalkboard to remind yourself to schedule a manicure! These chalkboards are perfect for writing messages directly on them or clipping up Polaroids and items on your to-do list. Personally we’re fond of using our multifunctional blackboard as a mood board. Not only can you clip up inspirational photos, but you can also write down some heartfelt quotes as well. Why are we so in love with this DIY project? Simply put: it’s ridiculously customizable and almost everyone will be satisfied with the outcome!


The supplies you will need:

  • Picture frame
  • Twine
  • Small clothespins
  • Chalkboard paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • A hammer or something hard to work with

*Note: If you can’t find a frame with the string and clothespins already attached, have no fear. Simply add it to the supply list and attach them yourselves. Check your local craft or dollar store for them.

  1. Push the backing out of the frame.
    It is much easier to paint the back without the frame being in the way. Make sure to keep the nails or whatever was being used to attach both pieces!
  2. Separate the pieces.
    Set aside the front of the frame as we won’t be needing that for now.
  3. Paint the backing.
    You want to paint it white first to cover up the image as much as possible. You can squirt the paint directly onto the backing to avoid messing up a plate.
  4. Paint on a second coat if necessary.
    Two coats of white paint should be enough. It doesn’t have to be completely opaque because you will go over this with the black chalkboard paint afterwards and this will cover up most of it.
  5. Paint the frame.
    You can choose whatever color you like. You could even keep it green if you don’t feel like painting it another color. Since we want a cleaner look, we have opted to paint it white.
  6. Paint on a second coat or until you can’t see the original color of the frame anymore.
    Paint about two layers (or until the base color is no longer visible) and set it aside to dry.
  7. Paint the backing with chalkboard paint.
    After your white paint on the board has dried, cover your backing with chalkboard paint. Make sure you shake the bottle just in case the paint separated. We decided to start from the middle again.
  8. Paint on a second coat if necessary.
    Work quickly with small amounts as the paint tends to dry quickly.  Add more as needed. Paint two more layers onto the frame and set it aside to dry. Make sure you avoid the string as much as possible. You could also opt to paint the clothespins the same color as your frame, something that would contrast nicely, or leave them as they are.
  9. Reassemble the frame and backing.
    Once all of the paint has dried, put the two pieces back together. Ours was originally nailed together so we hammered it back in with the tip of a screwdriver. We try to make do with what we have okay!
  10. Repeat Step 4.
    Leave some time in between the layers to allow it to dry (we did 2 layers). Your chalkboard should be opaque by now. If not, continue to paint layers with drying periods in between.
  11. Voila! You are ready to use your upgraded chalkboard frame.
    Use it to put pictures, inspiration, or things you need to do for the week. It’s a cute and fun way to keep things organized.
  12. (Optional Step):
    If your frame did not come with the string and clothespins attached, you can just buy them separately and attach them using the hookscrews. Tie the end of the string onto the loop and then screw the other side into the frame.

What will you use your multifunctional chalkboard for?

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